Managing multiple Instagram accounts is finally easier


Account switching is coming to Instagram.
Account switching is coming to Instagram.
Photo: Instagram

Switching between multiple Instagram accounts will get a whole lot easier this week.

Instagram has tested a new feature for months that allows users to manage multiple accounts without logging out and signing in again every time. The company revealed today that its account-switching feature is finally ready for prime time and will roll out to iOS and Android very soon.

The process of switching from your personal account to your pet’s is pretty easy. Simply go to your profile settings to add an account. Then whenever you want to switch, go to your profile page, tap the username and choose from the list of accounts you’ve added.

To make it clear which account you’re using, Instagram will display your profile picture throughout the app, hopefully preventing you from uploading the wrong pics on the wrong account.

Instagram hasn’t given an exact release date of when account switching will appear to iOS and Android, other than saying it’ll arrive sometime ‘this week’.

Source: Instagram