User-friendly soundtrack app easily helps you ‘score’


Easy and powerful music creation.
Easy and powerful music creation.
Photo: Filmstro

Need to add that special musical magic to your short film or home video, but know next to nothing about film scoring or playing an instrument?

Filmstro’s got your back with a super easy-to-use Mac app that will let you create powerful, custom soundtracks simply and easily without needing to know how to compose or write music.

Filmstro is incredibly simple to use. You simply grab one of the themed music pieces in the app that match your film scene, and then drag it over to the editing window. There are three sliders there: Momentum, Depth, and Power. You can vary each of these with a simple click, and then create a soundtrack that hits all the right notes in just a few minutes.

Here’s a quick demo of the righteous/sci fi/heroic/epic soundtrack called Warrior. Watch as the depth, power, and momentum sliders move around and completely change the feel of the piece.

With the full library unlocked for $20 a month, you’ll be making pro-level soundtracks for any video you choose in no time. Filmstro will edit its base tracks to fit your film’s exact length, and you can easily create a gentle romantic moment or a heart-pounding action scene with a click and a drag.

The app is currently only on Mac, though a Windows version is in the works. Head on over to Filmstro now to try out the beta for free, or watch a demo video or two.

If nothing else, mess around with it on one of your home videos to see just how simple, intuitive, and powerful this little app is.