New MacBooks expected to arrive by June


macbook air
New MacBooks are on the way.
Photo: Apple

Apple is set to release new MacBook models within the coming months, claims reliable KGI Securities Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Following on from recent news suggesting Macs are one of the only PC makers on an upwards trajectory, Kuo also says that Apple’s MacBooks have had “solid growth” among enterprise customers in recent months.

Unfortunately there’s little detail in his report about what specifics we can expend from the upgrades, but Kuo does note that the new, improved notebooks should be with us by June. It is likely that Apple will include Intel’s “Skylake” processors as part of the update, bringing CPU speed increases of 10-20 percent, an improved graphics chip, and longer and more efficient battery life.

Late last year, it was reported that Apple may debut new MacBook models at the 2016 WWDC event, which would coincide with the June date proposed by Kuo. The report suggested that Apple may opt to ditch the smaller size 11-inch MacBook Air, but add a 15-inch model, much as it currently offers with the MacBook Pro.

What are you hoping for in the next-gen MacBooks? Leave your comments below.

Via: Apple Insider

  • Matt

    I want a 15″ Macbook

    • Pro is always worth the extra dough. My 2011 15″ pro with upgraded ssd and maxed out ram has been running anything and everything for going on 5+ years without ever slowing down. The pro is a big upfront cost, but your computer will last. Just waiting for Skylake to finally upgrade.

      • Matt

        I don’t need a powerful laptop, I have a new Mac Pro for that, I want it for travelling, and the lightweight is ideal, plus it looks incredible, the keyboard feels great, the screen is perfect, it’s quiet, simple with one port, I think it’s just great, make the screen bigger and it will be perfect for me!

  • Disqusdmnj

    Retina MacBook Air please!

    • Frans Albertus Hanekom

      YES PLEASE!!! With the new keyboard and trackpad! The MBA has SO MUCH potential, it’s too bad that it still has outdated hardware.

      • Disqusdmnj

        Trackpad, yes. But same keyboard as before for me. Not a fan of the new keys.

  • UZ

    I’d really like Apple to massively simplify its MacBook range. I suggest the following:

    MacBook 12″ for students, travellers and home users, with 2 USB-C/Thunderbolt ports (in lieu of 2.5mm audio jack, as per iPhone rumours) and no fan. SSD only.
    MacBook 14″ for business/office users, as above, but more powerful (with or without a fan). SSD or HD.
    MacBook 16″ for the pro user, as above, but with 4 USB-C/Thunderbolt ports and much more powerful. SSD or HD.

    In other words, the three ranges (MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro) becomes one range with three sizes (12″ 14″ and 16″). It would make choosing the right MacBook a whole lot easier.

    • Hegga the Strasni

      In my opinion, this makes no sense. Mac already have not too many options (and all of them are pricey) and you would prefer to have even less variety because you would like to “make choosing the right Macbook a lot easier”? If you know what you NEED, there is really even less choice than there should be. In your opinion one group of users should have a single choice (with different components), however, why would I, as a pro user be restricted to 16” Mac? I have MBP 13”, and in some cases I would love to have a 11” Macbook Pro with beefy specs for mobility and performance. If users are not sure which Mac to buy they probably need it for browsing, music, etc and they should buy cheapest cpu model with as much space and screen they prefer or can afford and in that case, you really have three options to pick from. For more advanced users, this is not nearly as simple as there is many more things to consider…

      • UZ

        As mentioned, each MacBook screen size comes with 3 processor levels and storage options. Given todays product range, the 12″ is not aimed at Pro users (nor is the 11″ or 13″ Air). In my suggested range, the 14″ will replace the 13″ Pro, which will have the same footprint, and should be suited to you with a top level processor. The point is, the average consumer starts with a screen size, then only consider power and storage. The 12″ will never be a Pro machine, it’s all about portability, and most people get that. So I think it makes an awful amount of sense compared to the messy product ranges of today.

  • Where’s my Skylake 15″ pro already?

  • Colby Simpson

    I want a redesign. Which I think will be coming.

  • RyanTV

    I’ve been waiting to replace my 15″ for nearly a year now. When Apple decided to leave the Haswell chipset in there on the last refresh, I had to take a pass. I was really hoping the Skylake models would arrive by the holiday season, but obviously that didn’t happen.

  • The Pool Man

    June. lol What’s the hurry, Mac?

    1. Macs should have shipped with 8GBs of RAM standard as of two years ago.
    2. Low end Airs should have shipped with 1080p screens STANDARD two years ago
    3. A 14/15 inch MacBook that wasn’t $1999 should have shipped over two years ago

  • londoner

    Bring back the 17inch macbook pros!
    Failing that, a 15inch Air or new 15inch MacBook…

  • proto732

    Not sure why they are waiting so long to implement Skylake. PC vendors had Skylake in machines with for sale in October of last year. I was hoping for March … NOT JUNE!

  • MacJedi56

    A 17″ MBP with option for 64G of RAM would be really helpful.
    Heck, I’d take 64G of RAM in a 15″ too.