The future of UI for iOS 10 … or iOS 20?


This video has lots of great ideas about how iOS 10's UI should work.
This video has lots of great ideas about how iOS 10's UI should work.
Photo: Cult of Mac

A lot of “next-gen iPhone” concepts are pretty crappy. Whimsical fancies that have nothing to do with the reality of industrial design. And hey, that’s true of this iPhone 7 concept, which imagines an edge-to-edge display that totally ditches a physical home button. You will not see an iPhone like this anytime in the near future.

But that’s not to say the concept isn’t cool. Because eventually, Apple will release a full-screen iPhone. And when it does, this concept has a lot of cool ideas about how future iOS UIs will work, once the hardware catches up.

This video was put together by, and while it’s nonsense from a hardware point of view, it has some smart ideas about iOS 10’s UI, such as:

• A home button with an integrated display that allows you to multitask by swiping through apps.

• A way to transform app icons into Android-style homescreen widgets, just by swiping up on them.

• A way to fit more apps into the iOS dock simply by swiping up to reveal another row.

• An integrated home button that can handle gestures, like swiping back and forth between open apps.

Is this how iOS 10 will work? Absolutely not. But is it a plausible look at good affordances for iOS to adopt in the future? Totally.

Via: Redmond Pie

  • Stetch

    Så .. om man nu har en hel sida full med appar. Vart tar resterande appar vägen för att göra plats åt “widgeten”? :p

  • How is this being posted? It’s a completely baseless concept video that’s poorly made and the actual design contains ugly and poorly conceived features with no bearing for Apple’s design philosophy, taste, or usability. Seriously, cultofmac, I know you’re not exactly the best but I would have hoped this was beneath you

    • bdkennedy11

      Because it’s Cultofmac.

    • imtough

      Hey Nick, I bet your concept video of a vagina would be equally baseless- lulz.

  • Hildebrand


  • Richard Ludwig

    iOS would have to be re-designed for a display like that – it’s meant to have a top and bottom. Apps and UI elements would look like crap (letterboxed).

    As far as widgets, personally I hate them, but I know a lot of people like them. From a design PoV, Apple would need to really improve on what’s been done. The best is in Windows 8 with live tiles – At least they have a uniformed look. This concept, mixing in the live tiles with the app icons, is not visually appealing.

  • nonnu

    Oh f… I hope not. To “Androidy” for may taste

  • Frans Albertus Hanekom

    I LOVE this concept, but lets be realistic here, Apple will never allow it’s users to have iOS so customizable. If this concept is better executed and Apple applies their design philosophy to this, it can actually be a pretty solid OS. Curious to see what Apple has in stock for us this year!

  • Martin Daniel Eastwood

    re-sizeable home buttons? isn’t that windows 10?