Loyalty program begs for iPads back after special-offer gaffe


iPad Air 2
A good reason to sign up for loyalty cards.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

A New Zealand loyalty card program is appealing to its customers’ “good nature” to return brand new iPads after it mistakenly made them available for virtually nothing as part of an unexpectedly special offer.

Called Fly Buys, the company is a popular reward card business which gives customers points for everyday purchases in a wide variety of retail stores. Usually the iPad is valued at 7,000 points, while a cheaper item like a set of EarBuds is worth 800 points.

The iPad on this occasion? A steal for just one solitary point — although unsurprisingly the company rapidly corrected the, “genuine mistake.”

In the brief time the offer was up and running as a result of human error, 600 members snapped up the deal, and 23 iPads were collected. While that’s nowhere near as bad as it could be, the company is (somewhat controversially) asking customers to return the tablets they had bought due to the accidental nature of the sale.

“We were really gutted,” said one customer. “We were really excited [to get the iPad]. When the lady said we couldn’t [keep it], we were really disappointed. I think that they should have honoured [the deal] or at least rung us personally.”

Given that the fault was with the company — and presumably stories like this wind up driving more traffic to Fly Buys’ site and brand — wouldn’t it be fair just to let this one slide?

Still, it’s a great deal for anyone who point-blank refuses to return their new Apple tablet.

Source: TVNZ