iOS 9.2.1 brings lots of bug fixes


A new iOS 9 update is here
Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to update your iOS devices!
Photo: Apple

The first public update for iOS 9 this year has finally arrived in the form of iOS 9.2.1, which was made available to all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users this morning.

iOS 9.2.1 contains a number of security updates and bug fixes. The only specific thing mentioned in Apple’s release note for the iOS update is “a fix for an issue that could prevent the completion of app installation when using an MDM server.”

Today’s iOS update comes a week after Apple seeded the first beta build of iOS 9.3 to developers. The 9.3 update promises to be just as big a release as iOS 9.2, bringing a number of new features to iOS like Night Shift, locked Notes, new education features, improved Health, News and Apple Music apps, plus much more.

iOS 9.2.1 weighs in at 40MB and can be downloaded right now via an over-the-air update or by connecting your device to iTunes.

  • Really? Click-Bashing at its best!

    • Philotech Mueller

      True. Was wondering how CoM could know so much more than the other sites so they could write “lots of” – turns out: Click-baiting.

    • Buster Hein, shame on you! This was really a Click and baiting post… :(

  • Finally they fixed the Settings so you can search for “Battery” and it will display the appropriate menu item

    • Day

      That’s what is displayed since iOS 9.0.2, “the appropriate menu item”.

  • devnul0

    After the 9.2.1 update, I cannot open the Music app. I get the Apple Music splash screen and it hangs, both on an iPad Mini 2 and an iPhone 6S. I am not an Apple Music subscriber. I have no access to my music *at all*. A huge failure on Apple’s part.

    • devnul0

      After 20 minutes and numerous app kills and a device restart, both finally displayed the buttons on the splash screen to take the trial or no, take me to my music. A rather abysmal user experience, I tell you what.

      • mustangsally92

        I haven’t installed the update and am having that same problem this morning. Very annoying!

      • IronMan

        i am having the same issue! I am stuck in the Apple Music Splash screen.

      • mustangsally92

        I had to restart multiple times before I could get rid of the screen

    • Shyju CK

      Same problem here. I tried restarting it many times, turned ON and OFF the data for music app several times. Still no luck. The thing is that I can listen to music without seeing the album details and able to navigate music in control center. Dear apple, seeing the album art is a security breach or what ?

      • Shyju CK

        The problem got resolved now. Press Home and Lock button together to reset it. I got my music app back.

      • Charmaine Eetuk

        Yes! It worked!!

  • Mong

    well i can’t access my music after updating, dunno why

  • Bob

    Wow – I’m on my 5th iPhone6 and have had a plethora of problems with each one being different – the first phone the speakers went bad, the second was a champ until 9.1 update and it had ghosts in it ever since, the third had all sorts of freaky things nothing resolved either, the fourth phone initially from a new phone without apps had a severe battery drain and after the restore a call hang up or answer issue – well today is my first day on the 5th device – and it’s working fine – maybe a bit of battery drain not sure yet – maybe a few settings changes should help – but why – because the last phone it worked itself out with the restore… anyway – am really wondering if I should ever update after this – and I do know if I have any problems they will first want to make sure I am updated – CATCH 22 – Sincerely Bob

  • Mark

    After I did the IOS 9.2.1 my phone is dead. I cannot get it to turn on at all. I have tried the home button and power button together to restart it but I still have a black screen. Thanks Apple!

  • Demetris Nerazzurri

    9.2.1 is too much spendable for my battery. Also somehow it influences the signal of internet data.
    Before the update the battery was so good. Hardly to drop. I could go whole day even if i was on the phone surfing too much. Now is dropping so fast that surely it goes 3-4hrs.
    The signal also became a bit problematic. Is losing its strength and quality.
    Before it was always LTE now not only drops to E but also i have troubles with the GSM signal.


  • LTodd820

    I updated and haven’t had any issues thus far. I had to hit “no, take me to my music” once, and that’s it.

  • IronMan

    This broke my Apple Music app. I am stuck in the spash screen, cant see my play lists or songs. All i can do is to play random songs through Control center or Headphone buttons.

  • Charmaine Eetuk

    So annoying!! I can’t see my musics lists for couple days now!
    Need help to fix it, I updated the iOS still have a problem.

  • Helena Rulíšková

    omg my Whatsapp stopped working after the upgrade to 9.2.1.