Apple Watch band seller hopes screwup earns stellar reviews


Sometimes a deal too good to be true actually works out in the customer's favor.
Photo: Baoxing Trading (via Amazon)

An accidentally deep discount on Apple Watch bands has the seller reaching out for positive reviews on Amazon.

Baoxing Trading mistakenly marked down some of the accessories in its store to too-good-to-be-true levels, and while they were, in fact, that, the company decided to honor the prices and ship the items at a loss. And that’s pretty nice and honorable of them, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t asking for a small favor in return via a note included in the packages buyers are receiving.

Check out the letter below:

Baoxing Trading apple watch band letter
We mean no sarcasm when we say that this is gracious as hell.
Photo: Roblee8908/Reddit

“Thanks for your support, the letter says. “We hope you love the watch band and enjoy it.”

Baoxing explains that they accidentally marked down their products to 20 percent of their original prices. A look at its seller page shows that it already offers its wares, Apple Watch bands and otherwise, at pretty big discounts. But reducing those already low prices by 80 percent had to have hurt a bit. It meant that customers could get snap up a third-party copy of Apple’s Sports band for a mere $2. And that’s $47 less than what Apple charges for them. And according to the letter, they received 1,000 orders before they noticed the mistake.

The company could have cancelled the erroneously priced sales to keep from taking the hit, but Amazon generally frowns on that. So Baoxing decided to go ahead and ship, saying that “Americans are famous for their spirit of contract. That’s why we love to do business with you.”

Baoxing decided that their U.S. Amazon reputation was more important than the money they were eating, but is now asking that their customers provide them with five-star feedback and positive reviews. And that seems like a pretty fair deal, considering the circumstances.

We hope that the people who managed to score one of these Apple Watch bands follow through here, and it’s nice to see a company handle its own mistakes so well.

  • Clif Marsiglio

    I’ve bought several sports bands for $4. I’m sure it costs them no where near $4 to make them. And I often get companies that say the same sort of thing, acting as if the ‘mistaken’ price is worth a review. And then their prices stay EXACTLY the same for the next 4 years.

  • robogobo

    Yeah I call bs. Those bands still make a profit at $2.

  • David Allen

    The lugs likely cost them more than $2! Without the proper lugs the watchbands are useless.

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    I don’t know I can’t find one on eBay for that price and eBay is where you can find the cheapest shadiest Chinese sellers.

  • AnotherMom

    I also call BS. This amounts to this company basically paying for 5 star reviews, and is contrary to Amazon’s policy. If they were asking for HONEST reviews, maybe, but they specifically stated “5 star,” which makes it a biased review, purchased by the company via an 80% discount.

    • bIg hIlL

      I’ve bought many products from China on eBay, they always ask for 5 stars, its standard practice.

  • jay

    i bought so many case or watch bands from china. there was one case for 17 cents free shipping. how they do it to make money? no clue. i bought two extra bands for my watch and honestly they are so good. quality and price just good. still can’t believe that apple chargers so much money.