Presence security camera keeps an eye outside your door


The Presence that promises to deliver peace of mind.
The Presence that promises to deliver peace of mind.
Photo: Netatmo

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Consumer electronics company Netatmo has made a camera that is easily overlooked as it keeps a lookout outside your door.

The outdoor surveillance camera Netatmo named Presence uses an algorithm to detect whether something in its view is a person, car or animal. It then immediately sends a notification through a companion iPhone or Android app along with an option to see what the camera recorded.

Netatmo made its Presence known Tuesday at the CES 2016, where it was among dozens of companies in Las Vegas riding that first wave of smart home technology.

More and more consumers are connecting parts of their home, from the thermostat to appliances, to the internet. One of the most popular pieces of smart home technology adopted is some sort of security product, a category of the smart home industry that is expected to reach $19.9 billion by the end of this year.

Considering that U.S. crime statistics shows a burglary occurs every 13 seconds, home security proves to be a popular entry point in connecting the home.

See what Presence sees when you are not home.
See what Presence sees when you are not home.
Photo: Netatmo/YouTube

The Presence outdoor camera will not be available until later this year. A price on the device has not been set.

The camera is housed in a durable aluminum body and, according to the company, is waterproof and able to withstand extreme warm or cold.

It has a 100-degree field and a detection range of 20 meters. The camera is easily installed if replaced by an existing outdoor light and provides a flood light that activates through a motion sensor. The camera records full HD video that stores to a micro SD card or can be programmed to transfer to a personal FTP server.

Data transfer is secure thanks to end-to-end encryption. The camera connects to your home’s internet and live video can be streamed through smartphone, tablet or computer.

Presence won four 2016 CES Innovation Awards.