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Netatmo adds HomeKit Secure video support to its Smart indoor camera


Netatmo adds support for Apple's HomeKit Secure Video standard to its Smart Indoor Camera.
Netatmo adds support for HomeKit Secure Video standard to its Smart Indoor Camera.
Photo: Netatmo

Smart home device-maker Netatmo added support Tuesday for Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video standard to its Smart Indoor Camera.

The free and automatic update began rolling out today to users, according to an announcement by the French company. It should become available to install on all Netatmo Smart cameras over the next few days.

Apple is quietly hyping HomeKit devices at CES 2019


2019 could be the year of HomeKit.
Photo: Texas Instruments

CES 2019 bugApple doesn’t really make its presence felt directly at CES. However, at 2019’s event it has ramped up its focus somewhat. No, Apple’s not unveiling the Apple Car at the gigantic tech lover’s event, but it did invite reporters to meet with a number of third-party companies who have created HomeKit devices for smart homes.

These include smart lights, smart locks, smart door cameras, and more.

Presence security camera keeps an eye outside your door


The Presence that promises to deliver peace of mind.
The Presence that promises to deliver peace of mind.
Photo: Netatmo

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Consumer electronics company Netatmo has made a camera that is easily overlooked as it keeps a lookout outside your door.

The outdoor surveillance camera Netatmo named Presence uses an algorithm to detect whether something in its view is a person, car or animal. It then immediately sends a notification through a companion iPhone or Android app along with an option to see what the camera recorded.

Weather Geeks Rejoice: Netatmo Adds A Rain Gauge [CES 2014, Exclusive]


Netatmo's rain gauge looks like modern sculpture. Photo: Netatmo

CES 2014 bug LAS VEGAS — With the throng of tech bloggers covering CES, it’s not often that the heavily covered show hands us a surprise — but here’s one.

Netatmo, the French outfit best known for its fancy cloud-connected micro/personal Weather Station (and now also a device that measures your level of sun exposure), is about to add a hard-core new component: a rain gauge.

Netatmo Transforms Your iOS Device Into A Beautiful Home Weather Station [Review]



I’m a borderline weather geek. I don’t just like to know the temperature — both inside and out — I even keep a hydrometer in my home so I can keep tabs on the humidity, cause you know, that’s important.

So naturally, when I found out about the Netatmo Weather Station ($179), I was a little excited. With its indoor and outdoor weather modules, the Netatmo tracks a lot more than just the current temperature. Plus, unlike my crappy $5 hydrometer, it relays all its readings in a unified way, presented beautifully in an iOS app optimized for both my iPhone and iPad.

Here’s how it works.