Beyonce’s stylist just created the most narcissistic iPhone case yet


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Putting the "I" in iPhone
Photo: Tytryone

From bizarre accessories approaching Zoolander levels of parody to thieves stupid enough to snap themselves at the scene of a crime, selfies were one of 2015’s most unfortunate trends.

Unfortunately it looks like they’ll be continuing into 2016, too, with Beyonce’s celebrity stylist Ty Hunter recently unveiling her own contribution to humanity’s downfall: the Ty-Lite protective case for iPhone 6 and 6s, which basically turns your handset into a light-up dressing room mirror.

Someone named a narcissistic iPhone accessory after themselves? Why am I not surprised?

This is what the smartphone was invented for.
This is what the smartphone was invented for.
Photo: Ty Hunter

The $79.99 iPhone case can reportedly alter its lighting to “cool,” “warm,” or “brilliant” settings. According to an interview with Glamour, Ty says that, “A lot of celebs have been hitting me up for them. They say that they don’t even need to use a filter when they’re using it.”

Will someone please tweet the Nobel Prize decision-makers now!

Source: Ty-Lite

Via: Telegraph

  • DarthDisney

    This kind of case isn’t new, no matter what a hair technician thinks.

  • Larry Fulkner

    WHAT?… Narcissistic. Really. It’s just a frekin light for selfies. Why the hell is this article even so serious. This sounds like some personal vendetta. “The downfall of society”. Why don’t you point that crap at some of these huge companies, like Smasung, or Apple. Not some girl that made a light up selfie case that people like, because of the freaking LIGHTING. Hell, Apple did the exact same thing with the iPhone 6s selfie camera. Where the hell is your Narcissistic piece on THAT!

  • Buck Tailor

    Why is narcissism so accepted now? I mean, people are literally snobs who are in love with themselves. Egos are such a turnoff. Now we have a case to help people take pics of themselves? I swear we’re becoming the movie “Idiocracy.”

  • OrionBeast

    drunk journalism. Fail.

  • infobahn

    So, a portable ring light? Used in professional photography? Make sense.

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