Clever aluminum iPad stand upgrades your Apple lifestyle


iQunix iPad stand
It's a beautiful life (thanks to aluminum).
Photo: Rob LeFebvre / Cult of Mac

Best List: Zand Aluminum iPad Stand by iQunix

Living in an Apple ecosystem, my world revolves around brushed aluminum and white cables. My iPhone 6 Plus is silver on the back, my iPads are black and space gray, and my MacBook Pro is — you guessed it — a lovely brushed aluminum.

The new iQunix Zand Aluminum iPad stand looks like something Apple would design to set your iPad next to that MacBook Pro for a perfectly matched finish.

The iPad stand is a flat piece of aluminum bent into a kind of an elongated “Z” shape, with two ways to use it. One, with the stand set on its smaller end, is a taller position, with the micro-suction rubber on the upper part of the stand keeping an iPad or iPad mini safely attached without adhesives or clamps. It’s a lovely way to keep my copy of Adventure Capitalist! running while I work on my MacBook.

The second setup is with the longer flat portion of the stand laying on a flat surface, with the nano-suction area facing down. Your iPad or iPad mini fits into the stand like a little seat, with some nice rubberized cushions to keep the aluminum of the stand from scraping your tablet’s pretty back. Your iPad sits at a smaller angle in this configuration, making it pretty great for typing or drawing.

The "seat" position.
The “seat” position.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

It’s a beautiful, minimalist design that will let you keep your iPad mini, Air or Pro nearby and usable. While I’d probably only use the “seat” design to hold a heavy iPad Pro in place, the upright nano-suction design holds my iPad mini and iPad Air 2 just fine.

It doesn’t fold up, so it might not fit in a slim or smaller bag, but the iQunix Zand Aluminum iPad stand has become an essential part of my kit, both at home and at the coffee shop.

Price: $29.00

Buy from: BillyCart

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