Bob Ross tribute shows the joy of painting on iPad Pro


iPad Pro painting
Welcome to the world of happy little digital trees.
Photo: iPhonedo (via YouTube)

A tribute to late public-television legend Bob Ross shows you the joy of painting on the iPad Pro, and it’s not so much about happy little trees as it is really thinking about those bushes.

YouTube user iPhonedo, who may want to rethink his wig choices, gives a Rossian demonstration of basic techniques using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to create beautiful landscapes. It’s about planning layers, thinking about light, and bushes. We can’t impress upon you enough how important bushes are. Bushes are so important that the video gets kinda weird.

Check it out below.

The painting (and dancing) lesson uses an iPad Pro running Procreate and a tripod mount by iStabilizer. When it isn’t descending into goofiness, the video does actually show off some handy tips and techniques for would-be iPad artists.

The Joy of Painting, which inspired the video, ran on PBS for 403 episodes between 1983 and 1994. Host Bob Ross became famous for his inhumanly calm demeanor, big hair, and ability to paint an entire mountain in like 5 minutes. Whether you painted along at home or not, The Joy of Painting is one of the most relaxing things ever conceived by humankind, and it has a legion of wholly unironic fans.

Apple has positioned the iPad Pro as a device for creative professionals. The Apple Pencil stylus contains pressure and tilt sensors that try to replicate a variety of tools like writing implements and brushes.