Watch Steve Jobs’ right-hand woman talk early days of Apple


Kate Winslet (left) plays Joanna Hoffman (right) in Steve Jobs.
Kate Winslet (left) plays Joanna Hoffman (right) in Steve Jobs.
Photo: Apple

Kate Winslet has been earning rave reviews for her performance as Joanna Hoffman in the new Steve Jobs movie. Hoffman was one of the original members of the Macintosh (employee #5 to be exact), and was notorious at Apple as one of the few employees who boss Steve Jobs around.

In a recent interview, Hoffman revealed what it was like coming to Apple as an architect and working with Steve Jobs at the age of 25. She also dished on other doomed projects like the Lisa computer and the Apple 3, and took some questions from the audience at Maker School about Silicon Valley and startup culture.

Watch Joanna tell developers about how she met Steve and other juicy tidbits below: