ROBLOX games hit the big screen with an app for Xbox


From the ROBLOX game Angels 15, which will be among 20 games coming to Xbox.
From the ROBLOX game Angels 15, which will be among 20 games coming to Xbox.

ROBLOX, the popular user-generated online gaming platform, introduces kids to game building and even helps them earn a few bucks in the process. Some ROBLOX game developers have earned enough money to pay for college.

Now some of the more successful developers will raise their gaming cred even higher as ROBLOX launches a free app for Xbox featuring 20 of its top games.

The ROBLOX app should be in the Xbox One Store in early December.

“Being able to reach more players on Xbox is awesome,” said David Narkala, who is paying for college through ROBLOX earnings. “And playing my game on the big screen is just so fun.”

ROBLOX, featured earlier this year in Cult of Mac, has more than 15 million games created by users and is the top-ranked gaming site for kids and teens, according to comScore. It gives users the building blocks for coding and shares revenues from advertising and in-game purchases.

The developers lucky enough to have their games brought to Xbox will continue to earn money through the big-screen play.

“Our developers are incredibly excited about this project,” Rick Silvesterini, ROBLOX’s chief marketing officer, told Cult of Mac. “Getting that experience for a mainstream console gives our developers more career options. A lot of them love console gaming so this is just a natural feet for what they care about.”

For the last few months, ROBLOX has worked with developers to update their games for controller support and large screens. After the initial launch later this year, ROBLOX plans to add new games to the Xbox app in 2016.