Forget Trash, it’s ‘Rubbish’ now! iOS 9 embraces local slang


Apple's acting global, thinking local.
Photo: Apple

In addition to offering Siri in an ever-increasing range of accents, it seems that Apple is making a few more nods to localization with iOS 9.

Spotted by a user in Australia, Apple has renamed the Trash folder the “Rubbish” folder in its latest local version of the mobile operating system.

It’s not clear how much further the use of local slang goes, although I’m assuming that error messages sadly aren’t met with cries of “Ya stupid drongo” or similar.

Interestingly, here in the U.K. — where we also refer to trash as rubbish — the change doesn’t seem to have been incorporated. Something for a later update, perhaps?

Apple has always prided itself on a high level of attention to detail, as well as giving a nod to international customers.

Back in the days of the original Mac, Steve Jobs insisted on using the names of different international cities for the fonts — so that London was a vintage serif “blackletter” typeface like something Charles Dickens may have used, Venice was artisanal, and Geneva was a clean Swiss sans-serif font. Other cities included Chicago, Geneva, Toronto, and San Francisco.

More recently, Apple has acknowledged designing its products with the international audience in mind — most specifically China, which Tim Cook has been outspoken about believing to be Apple’s future biggest market.

Have you spotted any localized naming or other similar features on your version of iOS 9? Leave them below if you have.

Source: Apple Insider