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iFranco Joins Growing Ranks of Controversial Leader iPhone Apps



First came iPhone apps for iMussolini then Che Guevara, now there’s an app for Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.

Just like the other ones, iFranco is a compendium of speeches, messages, videos and audio El Caudillo made during his 36-year reign.

It also appears that, like the others, the $0.99 app was approved from a non-US iTunes store but is available in the US.

As we noted with the iChe apps,  it seems there is a kind of double standard for quote apps of controversial figures: the US iTunes store features six apps of Dalai Lama teachings and quotes, but these were all removed from China’s iTunes store leading to cries of censorship.

We’ve asked developers aldunce design to tell us more about iFranco, stay tuned.

In the mean time, how long do you think it’ll take before someone gets an iHitler app approved?

It seems, for the moment, that the world is safe from an iHitler app. Luigi Marino, who developed the iMussolini app, tried and failed to get an app about the German leader approved. (Hat tip to the always on-it  Andrea Nepori.)