This 3-D-printed case could save your iPhone 6 from accidental breakage


If you like it then you should have put a ring on it.
Photo: David Tsai

There are plenty of advantages to larger, phablet handsets like the iPhone 6, but an obvious disadvantage is that they’re less easy to transport by slipping them into your pocket.

Industrial designer David Tsai has come up with an interesting solution to that problem with his new 3-D-printed iPhone keychain case, which allows you to easily attach the device to a belt or similar in order to avoid accidentally dropping it.

“The main idea behind the Ring case was how to hold the iPhone so that the hand is still free to do or hold other things,” Tsai told the website 3DPrint. “Additionally, the ring also allows the iPhone to be easily clipped on to a backpack, worn on a necklace or pinned up on a wall.”

Tsai goes on to explain that, while adding the ring component to the case was straightforward, he had to design a small button within the ring itself to allow users to access the iPhone’s power/wake up button.

A secondary purpose for the Ring case is to avoid your iPhone from being pickpocketed. Although Activation Lock has resulted in a significant drop in iPhone thefts, as an iPhone 6 owner myself, I still constantly check my pocket whenever I’m on a subway or bus since I realize how easy it would be to steal.

Tsai’s 3-D-printed iPhone Ring Case is available for $36.