First iPad Shipments Arrive In Louisville, KY



The first shipments of iPads have arrived at the huge UPS facility in Louisville, KY, and will soon be heading to customers’ home towns.

The UPS shipping info for CoM’s iPad, which was ordered last month, says the iPad is undergoing “UPS internal activity” (whatever that is) in Kentucky. UPS ‘s all-points international air hub is based in Louisville.

We were surprised the iPad is already here. When we last checked the shipping info a couple of hours ago, the precious iPad was supposedly sitting in Shenzhen, China, where it was assembled.

Little did we know it was being airfreighted to the U.S. and would soon be rescanned into UPS’s system.

UPS system is unbearable, btw. The constant updates providing an incentive for obsessive checking and rechecking. I can’t wait until Saturday.

UPS's gigantic Worldport international shipping center is based in Louisville, KY. It's bigger than the neighboring Louisville International Airport.