Steve Jobs: Thanks, I’ll Park It Myself



Image by lodev via Flickr

Maybe it’s a perk of being consistently named among the most influential people of one’s era.

Perhaps it’s bravado borne of having put a ding in the universe.

Whatever it is, Steve Jobs seems to think nothing of driving a car without license plates and parking in handicapped parking spaces, as the picture above, captured on September 30th by Flickr user lodev shows.

The pic is but the latest in an ongoing parade of evidence Jobs is prone to park wherever he pleases.

It almost begs us to start a Spot-Jobs-in-the Blue-Zone contest, doesn’t it?


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39 responses to “Steve Jobs: Thanks, I’ll Park It Myself”

  1. Macanuck says:

    …or maybe it gives strength to all those rumours about Steve’s health. Hmmm.

  2. Matt Locke says:

    Perhaps he has a handicap parking permit?


  3. digihead says:

    bullshit! who said its really Jobs?!

  4. selcouth says:

    If you do some research, Steve has approval from the state to drive without license plates. His plates were being stolen quite frequently so apparently the DMV gave him a special barcode plaque under the windshield.

    As for the handicap parking space, I’d imagine he parks wherever he pleases.

  5. DCJ001 says:

    selcouth wrote:
    “If you do some research, Steve has approval from the state to drive without license plates. His plates were being stolen quite frequently so apparently the DMV gave him a special barcode plaque under the windshield.

    As for the handicap parking space, I’d imagine he parks wherever he pleases.”

    If I ever see this car parked in a handicapped parking space without a permit, the owner of the car will have a problem – regardless of who the owner is.

  6. The Rude Bellman says:

    Steve Jobs very well could have a handicapped plate and no one would know it other than the DMV. If he doesn’t, he can certainly afford whatever fine might be imposed. I personally think he should leave the spot for someone who really needs it but the law should deal with that (unless some citizen wants to make quick use of his keys on Jobs paint)

    But while on the handicap parking topic, I’d like to say I think handicap parking is BS.

    If you look on the handicap sign, what do you see? It’s a picture of a person in a wheelchair. The reason handicap parking was instituted is so people in wheelchair would be able to have a place for their specialized vans to park where they would be able to get out of their vehicles. This is no longer that case. Anyone with an ingrown toenail can get a handicap sign as can those who are just fat or old. It has NOTHING to do with being handicapped, and a lot more with being lazy. Handicapped places should be reserved for those with wheelchair or we should at the very least designate 1/2 of those places for wheelchairs only.

    My brother has a buddy who is a quadriplegic and he almost never can get his van in a handicap spot because some old, fat, lazy person or some rich CEO has taken it. That’s bullshit.

    IMO, if you don’t have a wheelchair, you don’t need to be in the handicap spot.

    End of rant.

  7. DCJ001 says:

    For The Rude Bellman:

    I appreciate your concern. Misuse of handicap parking permits exists, but there are disabilities that many do not see that also exist.

    I try to give people the benefit of the doubt but, if the existing evidence suggests a lack of ethics, then the offender should be questioned.

  8. Seth J. says:

    WOW! Nice hack job guys. This post was covered in detail on October 1st at iPhone Savior. Think different and do something that’s original guys.

  9. Matt J says:

    Just because someone isn’t in a wheelchair, doesn’t mean they aren’t disabled. Both my grandfathers have difficulty walking, and though they aren’t in wheelchairs, it would be cruel to make them walk across a car park unnecessarily. Disabled parking spaces are not exclusively to give room for those in wheelchairs to unload from their vehicles.

  10. NotAFanboy says:

    Number plates – he’s got special permit for that.
    Think about the fact hat cancer treatment usually makes you a handycapped person on paper, and that he’s allowed to use that parking space…

  11. Scott says:

    @ DCJ001

    Great idea, vandalize their car or beat them up. Or what alternative were you suggesting? Something that won’t wind up with you in jail or paying fines for criminal behavior?

    Taking matters into your own hands rarely does anyone any good. It’s never about actually doing anything to solve the problem, it’s solely to vent your own anger.

  12. Harvey says:

    My mother has one of those cards that hangs from the rear-view mirror and entitles whatever vehicle she’s in to park in a handicap space. Occasionally she’d catch some flack from people who thought she wasn’t handicapped, because she wasn’t in a wheelchair. She had a metal strap in her spine, and she couldn’t walk very far. Without the handicap space, it would have been impossible for her to walk into the store or the doctor’s office, or whatever.

    She’s now wheelchair bound, so it doesn’t matter to her how far away she is from the store, but it does to me. I have to push her. The handicapped space is a blessing. I have to get the wheelchair out of the trunk, assemble it, get her into it, push her into the store, somehow push both her and a shopping cart at the same time, put the bags with her purchases in her lap and hang them from the handles of the wheelchair, then push her to the car, put her and her purchases in the car, disassemble the wheelchair, and put it in the trunk. The same drill applies at home getting her into and out of the car.

    Without the handicapped spaces, we’d be up the creek without a canoe, let alone a paddle.

    Anyone who thinks that handicap spaces are a bunch of male bovine excrement simply have no experience with the handicapped. You’re forgiven. Whoever parks in the handicap spaces out of contempt for the designation, watch out. It can be up to a $500 fine.

    Handicap spaces are not for people with ethical handicaps.

  13. Harvey says:

    I’d like to add that the handicap space that Steve Jobs is allegedly parked in is on private property. Even if he doesn’t have a non-visible handicap, he’s entitled to park there.

  14. Mongo says:

    Why doesn’t Steve fix this, by merely having a “Reserved for employee #1” parking space? Too obvious?

    OK. We all know THAT would be criticized, although it’s common to reserved spaces for corporate execs.

  15. The Rude Bellman says:

    To those who object to my views, I respect that, but please know that my 81 year old mother cannot get around without the use of a walker so I understand that not every disability requires the use of a wheelchair. I often take her to doctors to the store and to other places and when I do I drop her at the door and park where able bodied people like myself should park. If she were alone, she’d benefit from a handicap spot. I do not need to.

    However, there are so many scofflaws and fat, lazy people that it makes it very difficult for those who truly need a handicap spot to access one. I suggested that 1/2 of handicapped spaces be designated solely for people in wheelchairs. If you have ever tried to get parking for a wheelchair van in a crowded parking lot, you’d know what I’m talking about.

  16. Neil Anderson says:

    Sweet car … but doesn’t Jobs get around by helicopter?

  17. JustMe says:

    I appreciate the concern about people abusing handicapped permits by using one that does not belong to them. I also agree that parking with a specialized van does need more space. However, I want to voice an objection to the characterization that the fat people you see using handicapped placards are simply too lazy to walk. Personally, I’m in pain 24 hours a day…there’s only so much medicine can do without causing more problems than I’m willing to add to my current health issues. Just walking from one side of a room to another hurts so, yeah, I’ve added some pounds. If I were to use a motorized wheelchair, I could park blocks away without a problem. Then there are those people who look perfectly healthy using handicapped placards so I guess they’re lazy but not fat? Or maybe, just maybe, you can open your mind and accept the possibility that they have a disorder you can’t see and sometimes the fat comes AFTER the disability.

  18. huxley says:

    Man, the splogs really love Cult of Mac.

  19. gkruz says:

    “I’d like to add that the handicap space that Steve Jobs is allegedly parked in is on private property. Even if he doesn’t have a non-visible handicap, he’s entitled to park there.”
    If this was Bill Gates caught doing this, Ken and all the other Jobs apologists would be screaming bloody murder about it till next month.

  20. wheelchairs says:

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