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WWDC party plan: Here’s where the action will be


WWDC parties
You can even filter events based on whether or not they're serving booze.
Screenshot: Evan Killham/Cult of Mac

If you’re attending Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco next week and want to know where the parties are, here’s a website that’ll help you plan your evenings.

WWDC Parties 2015, which comes courtesy of developers Geoff Pado and Emily Stewart, includes a full list of the gatherings, to-dos, and hoopla for those headed to Apple’s big show, which runs from June 8 – 12. We’re expecting some big reveals, like an updated Apple TV streaming box with Siri support and its own App Store.

WWDC is an opportunity for developers to meet, discuss, and learn about what’s going on with Apple’s mobile and desktop operating systems. It’s also where they hand out the Apple Design Awards, which honor developers who “combine design and technology in creative, compelling, and powerful ways.” Last year’s big winner was the cutesy and mysterious puzzle platformer Monument Valley.

But it can’t all be work; here are some of the social events happening in and around the event.

Keynote viewing breakfast

Mobile ad network InMobi is hosting a viewing party for WWDC’s opening keynote, which will start at 10 a.m. on June 8. They’ll be streaming the event from their office, and they’ll feed everyone who shows up.

Apple will stream this and other sessions online, so even if you won’t be in town for the show, you can still have your own keynote party.

It’s not what it sounds like.

Drive and dev: Your car on apps

Automotive-app developer Automatic is hosting this gathering Monday at 6 p.m., at which attendees can “talk connected car apps with hundreds of other developers building for the future of cars.”

Automatic is an app that gathers information about driving habits, gas mileage, and engine diagnostics through an adapter that plugs into your dash. This event could give some insight into what we might expect from Apple’s car project.

LinkedIn WWDC Happy Hour

You know what sounds like fun? A party hosted by a business networking site.

Alright, it probably won’t be bad; people have claimed all of the tickets, after all. You just kind of wonder if everyone’s walking around with their apps open and adding everyone they speak to as a Connection.

Pocket Gamer’s “Heaven and Hell” Party

If you’ve played the puzzle-murderer game Hitman: Blood Money, you remember the scene in which antihero Agent 47 infiltrates a party divided into Heaven and Hell sections.

And if you haven’t played Blood Money, just know that that’s exactly what Pocket Gamer is doing at Harlot bar Tuesday night. Here’s hoping they don’t have the strict angel/demon segregation that’s present in the game version. Because that’s not how we make progress as a society.

“We’ll be tempting you in with a whole bundle of free drinks for you to get involved with and offering some truly top-quality networking,” the event page says. “And, unlike Blood Money, we won’t be surreptitiously bumping off party guests during the night … or will we?”

I’m thinking no. Murder is not a characteristic of “top-quality networking.” Then again, I’ve never been good at networking, so don’t quote me on that.

WWDC Selfie Soirée

Sure, Apple has banned selfie sticks at WWDC, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get your arm-length autophotography on.

App discovery and monetization developer Button is hosting this damn-the-man gathering Wednesday at 8 p.m. at 111 Minna Gallery. It’s really a networking party, but the hook (or, I guess, stick) is that they’ll have a bunch of the contraband items that you can use against “selfie backdrops from around the world.”

This is a party with a hashtag (#ButtonSelfieSoiree), so you know it’s gonna be good.