New 27-inch iMac and 15-inch MacBook Pro may be coming this Wednesday


New MacBook and iMacs are coming this week.
Photo: Apple

A brand new 15-inch MacBook Pro and 27-inch non-Retina iMac are rumored to be coming this Wednesday, according to the French Apple website MacGeneration which has a strong track record for breaking Apple stories.

Apple last updated its 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro back in March, giving it a new Force Touch trackpad along with new Intel Core processors and a graphics boost. Today’s report doesn’t spell out what the 15-inch MacBook will pack under the hood, but it’s a fair assumption that it may be too far off from its smaller sibling.

This would be the first 15-inch Apple notebook to come with Force Touch technology, which Apple has been incorporating into more and more of its devices, including the MacBook, Apple Watch — and possibly the next generation iPhone.

There are no details on the 27-inch iMac, other than that it is the non-Retina model which Apple will most likely give an upgrade to.

Lending credibility to the story is the fact that shipping times on both devices have slowed to 2/3 weeks, which can suggest that Apple is set to unveil new models.

We’ll know for sure on Wednesday!

Source: MacGeneration