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Software problems may push back HomeKit launch to fall


HomeKit is all about letting your things talk to your other things.
Photo: Apple

Apple announced its HomeKit platform at last year’s WWDC, but fans hoping to get a closer glimpse of Apple’s home automation platform will have to keep on waiting, as a new report claims Apple is delaying the launch of HomeKit until August or September.

According to a report from Fortune, Apple’s HomeKit partners have been told the launch won’t happen in May or June as expected. An official launch date for HomeKit was never announced by Apple, but HomeKit partners at CES told us to expect something this summer.

Apple could be planning a smaller HomeKit announcement for WWDC, but not the official launch. Software issues have plagued the product, with one of Fortune’s sources claiming the code base associated with signing in and getting devices online “blew up” and required way too much memory for smaller, battery powered devices.

Shrinking the code back down to size is now the top priority for the HomeKit team, which hasn’t revealed many details about the platform since its unveiling last year. HomeKit is expected to utilize Apple TV as a hub to keep all smart devices in your house connected. Many third-party companies have already been integrating HomeKit support into products, but with all the glitches hampering the platform, it looks like your house is going to stay dumb a little longer.

Updated: Apple has released a statement refuting Fortune’s rumor, claiming the first HomeKit products will launch next month.

Source: Fortune