Developers are pumped about Apple's new App Analytics

Developers are pumped about Apple’s new App Analytics service



Today Apple gave access for developers to try its new App Analytics tool for the App Store. Originally announced last year at WWDC, developers can now use Apple’s analytics service to track everything from how people find their apps to how long they use them.

Based on early reactions, developers are pretty excited.

No other third-party analytics tools can achieve what Apple’s service, according to indie app developer Akhil Tolani, who’s apps just reached one million accumulative downloads in the App Store.

“iTunes connect analytics shows App Store app pageviews, which gives the dev info about how many people see their app’s page,” explained Tolani to Cult of Mac. “This will give a dev info if they should improve their metadata (if people are just seeing & not downloading) or they need to concentrate on marketing (if no one is seeing their app’s page) or work on their app more instead.” Traffic is divided by country and region, which will aid developers in knowing which languages to localize their apps for.

For Apple Design Award-winning developer Jeremy Olson, the best part of App Analytics is “to see how a source converts to impressions to downloads to usage. But we can also now see App Store impressions versus downloads so we can see how changing App Store marketing materials (like screenshots) affect conversion.”

The bottom line: Apple’s new service is going to make it a lot easier for developers to track their apps and market them more effectively.