Apple Watch’s interchangeable band mechanism is now patented


You can change your Apple Watch band quickly and easily. Photo: Apple

One of the neat features of the Apple Watch is the ability to quickly and drastically change its appearance by sliding different straps on and off the body of the device.

Achieved by way of a cunning three-contact mechanism, it’s undoubtedly a cool solution and — to paraphrase Steve Jobs — boy, has Apple patented it!

Photo: USPTO/Apple
Photo: USPTO/Apple

“A different band can really change the look of Apple Watch,” the company claims on its website. “So we created a full range of them in a variety of materials. The grooves in each case are precision engineered and CNC machined to ensure a perfect fit with any band.”

Today’s design patent covers the three-contact mechanism, and is credited to Jony Ive and various other members of the design team.

This isn’t the first design patent covering the Apple Watch. Last week we reported on the key design patents Apple has already secured for the Watch’s various bands.

Source: USPTO

Via: Patently Apple