Things get hairy when Apple Watch appears in the wild

Things get hairy when Apple Watch appears in the wild


Photo Courtesy: Apple
These hand models from Apple's Watch videos look like they're fresh from the cloning vat. Not a hair in sight. Photos: Apple

The weird thing about all the promotional videos for the Apple Watch is how perfect the hand models are. The people wearing the watches look like citizens from Logan’s Run: fresh and young and perfect.

What you won’t see is a parade of hairy arms.

But now that the Apple Watch is out in the wild, that’s exactly what you get on Instagram. These pictures tell the real story.

Just to be clear: These are real people, guys like us mostly, wearing real Apple Watches in the wild. They look nothing like the hairless creatures you’ll see in Apple’s airbrushed marketing materials.



My new gadget #Apple #applewatch #gadget A photo posted by David Sultan (@davidvsultan) on


Why yes you can enjoy The MIXX w/ the #AppleWatch #Apple #iOS @Tunein A photo posted by Jack Stiefel (@jackstiefel) on

When hairy met pasty

Syncing #AppleWatch

A photo posted by Jerry Zamostny (@jz_of_rome_apart) on

Hairier and pastier

And it begins… #fanboy #cantwaitforwelkertogivemeahardtime #applewatch A photo posted by Brandon Laterveer (@blaterveer) on


Yep, got it #applewatch ⌚️ A photo posted by Tashfiq Salam (@aerofiki) on

Shaven monkey

Sent my CIO a video message. He sent me this. #AppleWatch A photo posted by Chris Dancy (@chrisdancy) on

Happy Follicle Day!

#VSCOcam Happy Friday! (been a busy day so it took me a while to post this) #applewatch A photo posted by Pramit Nairi (@pramitnairi) on

Time to wax your arms!

Stainless steel. Sapphire crystal. Hairy arms.

I love this watch. #apple #applewatch A photo posted by Andrew McDonald (@akd.mcdonald) on

The caption says it all

I’ll add to the arm hair pictures filling up my Twitter feed today. #applewatch A photo posted by Craig McClellan (@craigmcclellan) on

You know what’s cool? Hairless arms

So, the new #AppleWatch is actually pretty cool. A photo posted by Daniell Robertson (@doubleldaniell) on

The hair’s about to grow over the screen

I got my Apple Watch! #applewatch #apple #mntwins A photo posted by Tim Samuelson (@timsamuelson) on

Growing over the screen and the band

It’s here! #applewatch A photo posted by Jake Sumner (@jakesumner) on

That Milanese loop is gonna yank out some hair

Got it good job #applewatch #apple #tech #timcook #like4like #like4follow #likeforlike #likeforfollow A photo posted by Aleksandar Stanojevic (@aleksa_stanojevic) on

Not hairy, but not brand-friendly either

Oh hello #applewatch #apple A photo posted by Antoine Spignardo (@anttmann) on

And the obligatory cat photo: the hairiest of all

annabel is sporting the apple watch with milanese loop A photo posted by #catbreading (@catbreading) on