You can build this retro Apple II Watch

Forget Apple Watch, we want this retro Apple II Watch


Can your wrist handle the Apple II Watch? Photo: Aleator777/Instructables


We’re eagerly counting down the last few hours until we can preorder the Apple Watch, but I think I may have found a new love for my wrist: The Apple II Watch.

The brilliant folks over at Instructables unveiled a retro Apple Watch styled after the Apple II computer. If Apple made a smartwatch back in 1985, this would be it. The amazing device actually works and you can make one yourself.

Check out its incredible features:

It runs BASIC


Apps include fitness, pictures, phonebook, weather updates, music, and more.


You can view picture slideshows on its gorgeous CRT display


It tracks your movement


Notifications are very discreet


App updates are a super quick, thanks to miniature floppy disks



They’ve replicated Apple Watch’s blooming flowers.



It even tells time!

2015-04-09 12_55_49

And it only costs $1,299!




Just joking, it’s a little bit cheaper than that. You can download the full instructions over at Instructables and make one while waiting for your Apple Watch to arrive. If you do, send us a picture.