10 reasons why the new MacBook isn’t for you


The new Macbook. Photo: Apple
The new Macbook. Photo: Apple

The new MacBook goes on sale this week, and while the first reviews have raved about its incredible design, unbelievable thinness and jaw-dropping display, it’s probably not for you.

While early critiques might have alleviated concerns that the new MacBook’s CPU is about as powerful as a 2011 netbook, there are a few other issues you should know about before you rush to the Apple Store to snap up a shiny gold MacBook.

These are the new MacBook’s 10 biggest flaws:

It doesn’t work with Thunderbolt displays

“Bad news for owners of Apple’s Thunderbolt Display: The new MacBook is not compatible with that (though it can drive higher-res monitors via HDMI)” – Recode.

It’s not for professionals

“The MacBook, as it exists today, is really for a very particular group of people who want the thinnest, lightest MacBook they can get. It’s not intended to be a professional machine.” – Mashable

It gets hot

Playing games causes the bottom side of the laptop to get hot, especially back toward the hinge. That’s probably to be expected during gameplay, but I also noticed overheating even in more mundane use. Which is surprising, since the processor only draws five watts of power; it’s not supposed to get hot. – Engadget

You’ll need lots of adapters

“If you get a MacBook, be prepared for some adapter logistics and probably to buy some new cables. You’ll also need to keep a video adapter with you at all times if you ever attach to a projector or TV anywhere, because nobody’s going to have one that matches your computer for years.” – SixColors

You can’t upgrade it

“Upgrades are impossible. Everything from the RAM to the SSD is soldered to the tiny motherboard.” – Ars Technica

It’s too pricey

“[It’s] expensive to the point of being hard to recommend.” – Wired

You can’t charge your iPhone on it (yet)

“While USB Type-C ports will one day become industry standard, they’re still uncommon enough that you will need a dongle to plug in any of your peripherals that use a full-sized USB Type-A connector. In my case, that meant I couldn’t charge my phone off my laptop. I also couldn’t use the USB headset I normally wear while podcasting and making voice recordings. If I did want to use my USB gadgets, I would have had to plug in a $79 adapter — that’s right, it’s not even included in the box.” – Engadget

The keyboard could be a problem

“I did find that extended periods typing on the new MacBook keyboard tired my wrists a bit more than a traditional keyboard.” – Mashable

It’s almost too light

“The lightness sometimes makes the notebook hard to steady on your lap. It has a tendency to bounce around as you type, without any noticeable center of gravity. And because the computer is so small, I found it difficult to place on my knees without squeezing them together uncomfortably.” – Bloomberg

The webcam sucks

“The webcam is only 480p, and by MacBook Air or iMac standards it’s poor. Colors are muted and images are noisy. Webcams only have to be good enough for you to make out the face of the person talking to you, and it does that. Just don’t expect it to do anything else.” – Ars Technica

  • J Stewart

    I hope Ive is paying attention to these points

    • NEDEWS

      I hope your mother pays attention to this.

  • ventron

    There is only one reason the MacBook pro isn’t for you. It’s a Mac

    • NEDEWS

      You’re a troll that can’t afford this beautiful machine and thats why your mother should have had an abortion.

      • ventron

        Lol and you call me a troll. I think you just need to grow up little man.

  • Guest

    The new MacBook is not for everyone, just as any other product, Apple or otherwise.

  • The most important thing about the new MacBook isn’t necessarily what it is now, but what it represents.

    This is the future.

  • Virtuosity

    That’s about 4 reasons and 6 scrapes of the barrel (too light!!? WTF!!)

  • Llll

    It is not for anybody anytime

  • Bass Head

    weird that thunderbolt isn’t supported. apple was trying so hard to push it

  • Bass Head

    Guess I’ll have to wait for the 15 inch version

    • londoner


  • m310

    The reason its going to get hot is because that Intel Core M is pretty weak cpu compared to other laptop chips in the last few years, and as a result its not going to handle gaming well without getting bottlenecked and overheating. This really was not a well designed laptops, especially with the lack of ports.

  • AKC322

    Here’s my reason: My late 2010 MacBook Air is still performing perfectly.

  • digitaldumdum

    “10 reasons why the new MacBook isn’t for you”

    This article should be titled, “10 reasons why the new MacBook isn’t for me”
    It’s in sharp contrast to ten other glowing reviews of the new MacBook. These things are always subjective, and proclaiming that something is not right for everyone is just poor journalism.

  • Gino Lee

    I like the Mac OS, but the lack of upgradability is a big concern. Because if any of the components break and you’re out of warranty, you now have a very expensive paperweight.

    And this move toward thinner and thinner seems like they’ve lost perspective. Like, all they can think about is, for the next year’s model, how do we improve it ? And the main answer that they seem to have come up with is to make it thinner and lighter.

    Personally, I would happily accept more weight for easier user upgradability/fixability.
    And the lack of ports on this latest model seems pretty goofy and a really BAD decision on Apple’s part.

    I am tempted by some of the latest Mac retina models, but the inability to replace basic critical components myself, such as the hard drive and memory gives me a MAJOR pause. Frankly, I don’t want to shell out an additional $300 for a couple additional years of warranty on an already expensive computer. Yet, if anything breaks out of warranty, I end up with a very expensive paperweight.

    • Publius

      If you can build your own computer, you can put together a hackintosh superior to almost anything Apple offers.

      • Gino Lee

        I’ve considered doing that but that, in itself, is a can of worms.

        Basically, every time a new version of the O/S is released, you have wait for the latest Hackintosh to also be updated and then you have to fiddle with it get it work for your custom configuration. It’s like it’s own little never-ending hobby.

        Even though I’m a professional programmer, I don’t want to spend hours getting the basic machine working, then spend additional hours each time a new version of the O/S is released to get it working again and again and again..

        I just want a good solid machine that, if I want to change/upgrade either the hard drive or the memory, I can do so without a lot of trouble.

  • DrAHead

    I would say it is marketed for a different audience. I’m not a gamer, don’t use Photoshop, don’t use it to daisy chain other peripherals, etc … in other words, not for professional users as stated.

    It is for someone like me.

    I will use it as my main laptop at home — takes up hardly any room and wont be on my lap. It is cool looking and fits my needs.

    I did order one in gold, a little pricey yes, but used my educator discount and upgraded the processor to 1.3 from the 1.1.

    Don’t get me wrong — I love my MBAir (upgraded to 8 gigs), but since they didn’t upgrade the MBA with RD (my older eyes like the RD), I decided on this rather than the MBPro.

    I went to the Apple Store this afternoon to play with it and am quite pleased with how it handled and look forward to getting it.

  • I was thoroughly disappointed when all the features (or rather, lack thereof) were announced. The screen res, while retina, technically, is lower-res even than the 11″ MacBook Air. Take the res and divide by two to see what the actual resolution is.

  • Karnashuk

    Registered to vote up @digitaldumdum:disqus for his comment. poor journalismt thumbs up! @dr_head:disqus I agree with you Madam, this notebook is also made for me, I am not a power user. I need a light machine, with phisical keyboard and osx built in. It’s for the road mostly, travel. I’ll go with gold too and 1.3 Ghz processor. I had a laugh today, David Pierce from Wired wrote: “I don’t know just who Apple’s newest laptop is for. Rich people who fly coach? People with one laptop who want a second, gold one? Maybe.” Why? Because I’m young and my salary is pretty low and I can still buy it. Savings. Easy.

  • Publius

    Apple increases the incentive to leave the platform or go Hackintosh with every hardware release. Soldered hard drives are just asinine.