It took 800 Nanoblocks to build this insanely accurate Apple Watch replica


The most detailed Apple Watch replica yet? Photo: Christopher Tan

Okay, this is pretty cool: a 2.6x scale model of an Apple Watch built entirely out of Nanoblocks, the tiny building blocks made popular in Japan, but with a growing international following.

With the smallest brick being 4mm x 4mm x 5mm, creating this take on Apple’s eagerly-anticipated wearable device took more than 800 bricks. It was created by Christopher Tan, a well-known Nanoblock brick artist, who has previously built scale models of everything from the Great Wall of China to zombie dioramas.

You can check out more pictures of his Apple Watch below.

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With the Apple Watch just weeks away, this isn’t the first Apple Watch replica we’ve seen. Other winning recreations include this gorgeous Apple Watch made out of felt and buttons, and this fantastic Lego model, complete with instructions.

But Christopher Tan’s may just be the most detailed so far.

Source: inanoblock