Today is your last chance to save 90% on 8 elite apps with the Ultra-Premium Mac Bundle [Deals]


CoM_Ultra Premium Mac Bundle

Cult of Mac Deals is pleased to offer The Ultra-Premium Mac Bundle, a unique collection of 8 elite software titles that have never before been offered together as a bundle. But, if you want it, you had better hurry. This is your last chance to get in on this deal because, as of tomorrow, it’ll be gone forever.

The Ultra-Premium Mac Bundle features some of the most popular apps to ever be installed on a Mac: Multimedia tools, system management, productivity, and games all in one amazing package, including…

  • ScreenFlow 5: The best screencasting & video editing software for Mac
  • Data Rescue 4: A powerful data recovery utility
  • Things 2 – The original and award-winning task manager
  • ExpanDrive 4 – The quickest way to access your files in the Cloud
  • AfterShot Pro 2 – Edit, optimize & manage your photos like a professional
  • Typed – An optimized writing environment to improve your focus
  • Snapselect – Discover your best photos & lose the rest
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth – The latest entry to the award-winning simulation ‘Civilization’ series

These software titles would be worth a total of $469 if they were to be purchased separately. When you bundle them all together though, you can pick all eight of them up for just $44.99. Considering that some of the apps in the Ultra-Premium Mac Bundle are worth more than that on their own, this isn’t only a great deal, it’s practically stealing.

There’s something in this package to suit every type of Mac user. Even if all 8 titles don’t particularly appeal to you, this is still an enormous value even if you only use one or two of them.

Less than $45 for eight elite Mac software titles? Yes, please! Pick up The Ultra-Premium Mac Bundle for a limited time price of just $44.99 at Cult of Mac Deals until the end of today only.