Here come the Apple Watch fart apps


Oh god. Here come the Apple Watch fart apps. Photo: Fart Watch
Brace yourself for the onslaught of Apple Watch fart apps. Photo: Fart Watch

Oh god. What else is there to say? The first Apple Watch fart app is already in development.

Called Fart Watch, the app looks to be a glorified whoopee cushion. The idea is you put your iPhone underneath someone’s seat cushion, then use your Apple Watch to let a fart rip by pushing a big blinking “Fart” button on your wrist. How droll!

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that fart apps are already in development for the Apple Watch. History repeats itself: When Apple first gave developers the ability to make their own iPhone apps, the proliferation of fart apps on the App Store was, excuse the pun, explosive.

Simple soundboards that gave downloaders the ability to make their iPhones play fart noises on command, fart apps became so popular that Apple actually straight-up told developers, “We don’t need any more fart apps.” (Apple was being a little hypocritical when it came to fart apps. In fact, the director of the App Store himself had a healthy business selling fart apps on the side.)

My guess? Fart apps will see a resurgence in popularity when the Apple Watch arrives. Fart apps are easy to create — all they need to feature is a button that triggers a sound, which makes them an easy way for new devs to learn WatchKit, the software development kit for Apple’s upcoming wearable.

And seriously, never underestimate the potential audience for an app that can make your high-end smartwatch fart.


  • AKC322

    Yet another reason to pass on this gadget.

    • Windlasher

      Perfect opportunity to kickstart the fart smell dongle that works with the app.

  • James Alexander

    I know I should not say this but this is awesome. Or instead of the fart app you can use it to make any sound effect.

  • Wirehedd

    Maybe the Apple Watch will have sensors to detect WHO farted as opposed to just emulating one. :)

    …or with Windlasher’s “dongle” it could counter one fart with a more intense reply and make the aromatic component a special in app purchase at 99 cents for a regular ripper but for $2.99 you get a room clearing stinker.

  • bIg hIlL

    Vagabundo é foda kkkkk

  • Bruno Azevedo

    LOL this is really cool! I want my Watch now. I really wanna fart with Watch <3

  • Damian Kościelny

    This is fartastic!