Samsung’s latest iPhone clone doesn’t stop at hardware


iPhone 6 on top, Galaxy S6 on bottom. Can you spot the differences? Photo: The Wall Street Journal
iPhone 6 on top, new Galaxy S6 on bottom. Can you spot the differences? Photo: The Wall Street Journal

It’s easy to see how Samsung ripped off the iPhone with the Galaxy S6’s hardware. The metallic frame with chamfered edges, antenna bands, and very familiar port positioning is blatantly taken from the iPhone 6.

But Samsung hasn’t just copied the way the iPhone looks physically. It’s also replicated elements of iOS in a way that’s so evident it’s embarrassing.

Here’s the setup screen for Samsung’s cleverly named Apple Pay competitor, Samsung Pay:

Photo: Dom Esposito
Photo: Dom Esposito

And Apple Pay

Photo: Ken Dai
Photo: Ken Dai

It doesn’t get much more blatant than the stock keyboard on the new Galaxy:

Photo: Unbox Therapy
Photo: Unbox Therapy

The iOS 8 keyboard:

Photo: Apple

Sure, Samsung’s TouchWiz flavor of Android is quite different from iOS in a lot of ways, but these two examples alone prove that no number of lawsuits can keep Samsung from trying to steal Apple’s style.

  • Why they don’t call it iPhone?! Ah right, they can’t…

    • JustReboot

      sPhone :)

    • raimsammi

      tl;dr Apple copies Android, then a couple of years later we pretend Android’s copying Apple.

      Good play, Will Smith. Get that brain eraser away from me.
      Photos are from the beta of SwiftKey and of course Android vs iOS7.

      • Go, get the photos of when android was an ugly copy of blackberry os… LMAO

      • raimsammi

        It’s even funnier when you realize Apple stole all of it.

      • Ladies and gents, the 1st BlackBer… Pardon, Android Version… Oh wait.. There’s something new called iPhone… Let’s steer and do a BRAND NEW REVOLUTIONARY SYSTEM… iANDROID!
        AHAHAHAHAHAH pathetic

      • John Longson

        You know that’s pre-iPhone right? And so is this: the LG Prada. It’s got a three-button layout, corner camera, metallic edge, capacitive touchscreen, and a patent premium feel. In 2006.

      • And where is it now? It seems a flop Anyway, the market determines who live and who not. Will see what will happen to Samsung with the new S6: it the trend of S5 continues, the next shrink will be bigger than the 64% of the last quarter.

      • And TBH, what does android matter here?! WE ARE TALKING ABOUT SAMSUNG dear fandroid..

      • raimsammi

        Samsung makes the best-selling Android phones. So when Apple goes after Android, they have to try leeching off the company they can extort the most from.

      • AHAHAHAHAHAH please stop stop stop or I will explode! ahahahahahahahhahahahaha Great!!!! ahhahahahahaha the best comedian ever met on Disqus! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

      • Gadgetonomy

        What are you like 12yrs old or something ?

      • Roberto Bobarez

        Nah. maybe younger but with hardly any IQ.

      • Gundersens_Nuts

        From the small sample I’ve seen of you, you accusing someone of fanboyism is quite hysterical.

      • Pardon, I’m commenting on a site that is called CULT of MAC, what do you expect? I’m not coming here from an android blog to mock the Apple users… I’m an Apple User, and I’m so happy to be, I work with Apple hardware, Apple software, Apple devices, I produce my photos, my contents, my articles, my images and I earn my money even thanks to Apple. Then, YES I’m an Apple FAN! (Thanks for the boy, I was a boy once, sadly).

      • Uhhh what??? Many of these features were already present in the first version of iPhoneOS.

      • raimsammi

        Such as? Sources, pics, links please.

    • Gadgetonomy

      Why would they want to?


    What an embarrassment Samsung is! The crazy thing is, they continue to mock Apple, when they blatantly rip Apple off every chance they get. They just need to stop. Such a pathetic company.

    • Death89

      I’d have disagreed until this release, always preferred the sd slot, removable battery etc but this is just blatant now. Without even sd slot!

      • narg

        But there are differences in the plus side. Wireless charging, Mag card reader payment methods, 4K video, the better 5″ size. I’m a strong iPhone fan, and hope Apple is watching Samsung for copy on the next iPhone. Just as much, if not more than Samsung copied them…

      • Death89

        And at least two Nokias I can think of have wireless charging, micro SD and replaceable battery. The 830 even has the much hyped metal frame… Basically Sammy could have kept what made them better in my eyes but they didn’t.

    • Wall Breaker

      Samsung Ativ S. Came Out in 2012 has a Frame exactly like the iphone 6. So Who is copying again?

      • LOGOS

        SAMSUNG. Samsung is copying. They’re a bunch of biters.

      • Wall Breaker

        typical isheep response. You obviously didn’t look up the ativ S did you? Apple is just as guilty of borrowing ideas and hardware and software don’t act like they don’t.

        1. ios 7/ios 8 – Old Android features
        2. Apple Pay – Exactly like Google wallet which came out 2012
        3. Apple Health – Samsun’g S Health Came Out 1st
        4. Apple Watch features – most of them already found in wear
        5. Fingerprint Scanner – Motorola Atrix had it 1st

        Apple like every company barrows or takes inspiration from something else. The Only thing Apple Invented was the Magic Mouse, everything else they have done has been nothing but taking existing ideas and adding their own style.

      • LOGOS

        Wow… I certainly ruffled your feathers, didn’t I. I’m wondering if you work for Samsung. that might explain why you got so riled up. Sorry to get you so upset. There’s no need to get snippy and call me names, though. I did look at the Ativ and don’t see the comparison, other than the rounded edges. You have a good day, though.

      • Look at the Sony Z2… out before the iP6… where did Apple get those ideas from eh? hrmm…

      • LOGOS

        You guys are funny. I’ve owned Samsung, Palm, Blackberry, Nexus, Sony and iPhones. It’s not even close as to which phone is the best phone. I speak from experience. Every one of the aforementioned phone makers have been playing catch-up to Apple since the first iPhone came out. Do you guys even realize that the iPhone looks exactly like a mini iPad,which came out before all the other phones you mentioned? Hrmm…

      • Gadgetonomy

        You don’t speak from experience if you think everyone is trying to catch up with Apple. New features introduced on iphones existed previously on other devices. The original ipad was just a big iphone and the original iphone was just an ipod with a cellular radio, both were pretty crap (I speak from experience)

      • The_Dropship

        Ah, the original iPhone from 2007 perhaps?!

      • calberto

        Quite the opposite, it makes one wonder if *you* and the guy who wrote the article work for Apple – otherwise, why the hate, why getting emotional, why getting so frustrated?

        Seriously, you have to look at yourselves ;)

        PS – I own one device of each, so I can talk from a more centered position, kiddo.

      • LOGOS

        Hey Skippy, this conversation ended a while ago. You’re late to the party. I’ve owned all devices also, by the way. I speak from unbiased experience when I say that Apple is better than all of them. I try different products to see which is best at what they do. If Samsung, HTC or Sony had a better phone than the iPhone, I would’ve have kept them. Off you go, now. Have a good day.

      • calberto

        One day ago, and it ended? You surely are a teenager who barely has memory. Now I get it all.

        Your lack of memory and of perspective aside: I owned AND still own them. Thing is, you need to NOT attach yourself to a brand. I guess you are one of those minions who look for identity as being part of a group – in this case, by feeling different and ‘better’ by trying to belong to this ‘niche’ group of people using Apple. I see why you get so emotional now.

      • LOGOS

        Wow… you’re completely wrong on all counts. But like I said, this conversation ended a while ago and you’re late to the party. I made my point and any reasonable person will get it. Go ahead and reply to your little heart’s content. I’m done here.

      • calberto

        Whatever you say, Mr Virgin! Once I realized a teenager, I just don’t see the point of arguing with you. But thanks anyway ;)

      • kagbalete

        Everybody is entitled to an opinion… no matter how biased and faulty.

      • kagbalete

        you must be a real apple fan boy who plays with himself every time he sees an apple logo. Anybody who has brains knows that apple ripped off sony and is now ripping of Samsung.. As for me I prefer any Microsoft based smart phone over apple or samsung.

      • raimsammi

        Wow, we certainly ruffled your feathers, didn’t we. I’m wondering if you work for Apple. That might explain why you got so riled up.

      • LOGOS

        You most certainly work for Samsung, because you just copied what I said, biter. Haha! That was almost too easy. Okay, now I’m done here. Buh bye.

      • raimsammi

        You almost certainly work for Apple, because I have something illogical to say, vague insult. Haha! That was almost too predictable. I am now announcing how I will leave. Condescending goodbye.

      • The_Dropship

        No wall, they didn’t copy the Samesung Atvis. Take a closer look at the original iPhone from way back in 2007. The iPhone 6 is pretty much a refinement of Apple’s first breakthrough smartphone: complete metal casing and rounded edges!! Samsung is a compulsive copycat, not only in its blatant ripoff of Apple hardware & software, but in many other areas of electronics and home hardware (look up the Dyson patent absuse!!). So please stop insulting those who use facts; its enough to make you look rather stupid. And it’s a little bit boring…

      • Gadgetonomy

        You are so right. Apple tards really love to insist that Apple invented everything including the rectangle. Samsung have bought out many new innovations and the curved edge screen is just one example. Even the large screen concept that everyone ridiculed has been adopted by Apple now.

      • Daryl Tang

        Pot calling the kettle black

        1. ios 7/ios 8 – Old Android features
        Jailbreak features which apple took its time implement their version in iOS. Ideas not all from android

        2. Apple Pay – Exactly like Google wallet which came out 2012
        Exactly? Google wallet flopped so hard while Apple Pay was launch with support of banks and financial institutions which helped it’s success now. S pay is just blatantly and shamedlessly copying

        3. Apple Health – Samsun’g S Health Came Out 1st
        What is Apple Health? You mean Health Kit? What does S health do? Carr to explain if they are the same or Apple blatantly and shamedlessly copying them?

        4. Apple Watch features – most of them already found in wear
        Talking like you know a product before it bring launch. I guess you know the winning lottery numbers for the next draw as well

        5. Fingerprint Scanner – Motorola Atrix had it 1st
        And it was a terrible implementation. Now S is blatantly and shamedlessly copying this as well. As least LG input their own design ideas.

      • DoktorJones

        Speaking of pots and kettles… You do realize that S Pay is built using Loop Pay technology, which was announced in October 2013 (compare to Apple Pay, announced almost a year later in September 2014).

        Regarding the watch, if you want to talk about copying, let’s zoom out from the features (since Apple’s product isn’t out yet) and look at general concept — Samsung announced their smart watch in September 2013, Apple announced theirs September 2014.

        Companies copy each other all the time, it’s how the world works. What irks me is when Apple copies another company’s idea (e.g. Atrix fingerprint scanner) and no one says a peep… then Samsung copies it too and all the fanboys lose their *bleep*ing minds that OMG SAMSUNG IS COPYING APPLE (except it wasn’t Apple’s idea in the first place, and therefore Samsung is copying Motorola if anyone). At best, Samsung saw via Apple’s copy that the market and technology were ready, and implemented it in their own product.

        Fanboys on both sides just need to SHUT THE F*** UP and deal with it. The companies will work it out between themselves (generally via endless litigation, with sporadic mutual licensing agreements popping up every so often when both companies have something the other wants), and all the fanboy rants in the world aren’t going to change a single person’s mind.

      • JohnyMyko

        Samsung Ativ S looks nothing like the iPhone 6 nor the Galaxy S6. Android users are just mentioning that phone now as an excuse after so many people criticized Samsung.

      • Joe

        You can’t be serious. Just google ativ s for the image. How is that exactly like iphone 6?

      • The_Dropship

        And don’t forget the original iPhone design from 2007, which many Android fanatics conveniently forget when bringing up these phones they allege Apple copied.

      • Gadgetonomy

        There were touchscreen smartphones prior to the iphone, perhaps you didn’t know this fact. Apple did not invent the smartphone.

      • Karly Johnston

        So you do realize the iPod touch 5G is the basis of the iPhone 6 design which came out before the Ativ S?

      • ethan linquist

        It was released earlier but was announced a month later so technically samsung had the design first available to public.

  • T_Will

    It’s funny how Samsung bashes Apple so much, but they actually wish they were Apple.

    • Steve Chavez

      They hate us cause they ain’t us…

      • Fit

        Did you just say “They hate us cause they ain’t us…”? LMFAO I got news for you, you aren’t Apple. Purchasing an Apple device does not make you part of the company. See, this is the problem with Applesheep, once they own the product, it becomes thier idenitty, thier self worth. Get a real genuine life please. Pathetic.

      • Steve Chavez

        And you are such an individual Fit. Did you come up with Applesheep all by yourself or are you trying really hard to imitate a Fandroid donkey? You may need a life yourself…

      • Fit

        No worries pal, I could give a rats ass what my phone looks like as its just a tool for me used for work and productivity. It could be shaped like a Pretzel for all I care. Who manufacturers it is of little concern, what’s important (to me) is the features and freedoms of not being limited to what locks me into thier closed infrastructure, not the logo. I don’t feel like I’m part of a ‘club or the in crowd’ by the logo on the device. Reading comments by people like yourself that would literally throw a punch to defend a manufacturer of a product you clearly have nothing to do with other than owning thier device…makes me giggle and shake my head, and use the phrase (that I clearly didn’t come up with) SHEEP.

      • Steve Chavez

        You’re trolling this board so stop trying to play the part. Hopefully you’re at least getting paid for this by Samsung. If not, then I’m quite amused by your FUD and Marketing Lines. If you’re going to troll at least find some new material to talk out of your bunghole with.

      • Steve Chavez

        Nice trolling. Hope Samsung at least paid you for brown nosing them. As for your childish sheep comments. If you really want to know why I purchase Apple products, it’s because they’ve worked well. They’re integrated together well. And I can depend on their products. As a company, when you release good products, you create what is called brand loyalty. If you start releasing garbage, you will lose that loyalty. So go crawl back in that little hole where you came from you poor excuse for a troll.

      • Fit

        Wow, you might find some pom poms on sale on Amazon, if they say Apple on them, definitely buy them cuz they’re clearly the best!

        I wish Samsung would pay me, or better yet Google. Do you think I should send them a bill?I’ve owned many devices, and yes even apple device or 2. And I understand brand loyalty as I use to be happy in the snowmobiling, in until this whole apple android thing, you never find more schmucks willing to go to this over the brand name then snowmobiling. I’ve owned many devices, and yes even apple device or 2. And I understand brand loyalty as I use to be heavy into snowmobiling, and until this whole apple android thing, you never find more schmucks willing to go to fists over the brand name then you would see in snowmobiling.

        I’m not loyal enough to let a manufacturer pull the marketing shit that Apple does to try to convince people of something that’s not. Case in point, read Johnny Ives recient words of wisdom regarding the iPhone battery life, I swear he must be farming weed.

        I don’t troll these boards, but I have an app that pulls feeds from many tech sites, apparently this article got pulled in.

      • Steve Chavez

        What’s even worse than a troll is a troll in denial. I don’t know what’s up your butt but they have surgeries for things like that now. You might want to take advantage of that Obamacare…

      • Fit

        Good god, let it go champ. Set down your Doritos bag and your Mt. Dew, push yourself away from your keyboard lil buckaroo…you’re gonna be ok, really.

      • Steve Chavez

        Okay pot.

      • Steve Chavez

        By the way girlfriend. I looked at your profile and ALL YOU DO is kiss Google’s butt and badmouth Apple. Grow up. Some people are going to like things that you don’t. Get over it.

    • kagbalete

      It’s the other way round, actually Apple wishes they were Microsoft.

      • Ryan Morano

        Apple wishes they were struggling to be relevant in the mobile phone market?

  • Kiyoshi Richards

    “The metallic frame with chamfered edges, antenna bands”
    I think you can say they are BOTH copying HTC. Starting with the HTC One M7. 2013. Get it right.

    • igorsky

      I wish people would stop pushing this false meme that the iPhone 6 copied the HTC One. The only thing they share is that they’re both made of aluminum unibody. The designs are very different, which is why both are instantly recognizable from each other. In fact the iPhone is the only modern smartphone that’s been recognizable as an iPhone from day one.

      • narg

        I don’t understand why the looks of the phone are the bothersome part of copying??? There so much more to the devices guys.

      • Kiyoshi Richards

        “The only thing they share is that they’re both made of aluminum unibody. The designs are very different”

        Yeah clearly no resemblance at all lol. You accuse Samsung of copying apple? LOL. They copied HTC. Not apple. Apple copied HTC also.

        So quit talking about someone copied apple. Because you look ignorant to anyone who ever owned an HTC one or is familiar with the phone.

        I can’t believe how many apple fans are so quick to say someone copied them but won’t admit they copied someone else. You like apple pay? Google wallet 2011. You like the short cut drawer at the bottom of your screen? Android. The notification center? Android. The widgets? Android. Your next I phones processor and memory and so many more all made by Samsung.

        Copied apple? Really? The Galaxy S6 edge will be next. When the iPhone edge comes out. You will claim someone copied you then too. LOL.

      • perpetuallearner

        yeah. LOL. right. LOL. cool. LOL. apple. LOL. not samsung. LOL. htc. LOL. LOL. LOL.

      • Gadgetonomy

        Oh it looks, like you can’t intelligently respond to that argument, resulting in childish repetitive LOL remarks.

      • perpetuallearner


      • Gadgetonomy

        Based on what you said then, basically subtle simularity means Apple did not copy HTC, aside from a similar speaker grill and a headphone socket I cannot see how people think Samsung is copying Apple.

    • 43-8. Just sayin.

    • Alexander Cowan

      Actually.. The metallic frame and chamfered edges were on the iPhone 5 which was released in 2012, before the One M7.

      • Ummm No…Why can’t folks admit HTC was onto something when they released the famed HTC One M7 of 2013. That phone won many awards for design and still looks stunning today. ..and for the record, I am the owner of a MacBook Pro and iPad, so I am not an Apple hater.

    • KyleVPirate

      Sigh, iPod Touch 5.
      The iPhone is a overlarge iPod touch 5.
      Those bands are like the ones on the iPhone 5 and 5s but those had glass panels while the iPhone 6 omitted the glass and just had the plastic bands.
      No one copied no one. Every one get over yourselves. No ones cares

  • JustReboot

    Let the flame wars begin-

    I keep going back and forth whether I should go back to Samsung. Prior to my current (iPhone 6) I had a Droid since the OG Moto (then X, Thunderbolt, Sammy S3, S4, then Apple iPhone 5s, now 6). I also get to test new phones at work (Verizon), to me both experiences are close – especially after rooting/jailbreaking.

    Most of the features on these phones I couldn’t care about: ApplePay/SammyPay – I like plastic. I’d rather not whip out an $800 phone to pay for groceries :) I also use a handful of apps, keep no local music or photos, nor surf the web, or play games. So either phone would work. Just let me text, call, check my email, take an occasional picture, and use Spotify – plus about 3 other apps that I use.

    Personally, I think phones are converging on design. I also think Sammy should have moved the flash/sensor above the lens and centered it. Having it to the side is ugly IMHO.

    That’s it for now… I digress.

    • raimsammi

      Loop Pay looks nice. It doesn’t appear to require a phone pressed up against any NFC thing, but it does need a big fob.

  • Bruno Azevedo

    Samsung vai se foder quando a Apple processa-lá por causa desse monte de cópias!

  • MIRO

    never trust company that produces fridge, vacuum cleaners and other kitchen appliances! Samsung is just shite company, I would never buy Samshite because they ripped my favorite Dyson. They are so stupid they even ripped the paper packaging box.

    • gareth edwards

      agreed. I stopped buying Samsung products on principle. their idea of original and innovative always boils down to theft rathe than merely being influenced by other companies hard work. Deeply, deeply shitty corporate culture.

      • narg

        I stopped buying Sony years ago on this principle. Samsung may be my next forgetit company.

      • Gadgetonomy

        You better start with getting rid of some of your Apple products then as they contain Samsung semi conductor components!

    • Guest

      You better ditch some of your Apple products then as they contain Samsung semi conductor components !

  • Roxy Balboa

    Have they paid the $1B they owe Apple yet?


      probably appealing it to drag it out another 5 years & they will lose, and appeal again.

    • Honesty007

      Did you not find it a little unsettling that the only country in the world where Apple was able to win one of these cases is in its home country? What do you think you would have been saying if Samsung had brought charges against Apple, and the only country they were able to win in was S Korea? You don’t need to answer, I think we all know what you would have been saying if it was the other way around. In England, the Court even had Apple apologize for it ridiculous claims against Samsung. By the way, check out the phone called the Neo Node to see slide to unlock on a phone as far back as 2002. Somehow, Apple was allowed to patent it after it was already in use and win only in the USA.

      As much as it may pain you to accept, I do not own a Samsung smartphone by the way.

  • Arnold Ziffel

    Judge Lucy Koh and the US DoJ have given Sungsam the green light to steal IP and trade dress from Apple.

    • Honesty007

      Such as?

  • Chris

    apple should just buy samsung and shut down their mobile department.

    • ethan linquist

      HA! They couldn’t afford to do that, Apple is only worth $56.6 billion, Saamsung’s worth $119 billion

  • Mac’em X

    Marketing slogans:

    The new Samsung Galaxy S6.
    Designed in California.
    Copied in Korea.

    The new Samsung Galaxy S6.
    The “S” stands for “iPhone”.

    Any others?

  • AlanAudio

    You might like to take a look at Samsung’s new earbuds and see if they look familiar.

    • oh wait… you mean apple invented white headphones? STOP THE PRESSES!

      • I think we all know that Samsung’s new ear buds bear more than a passing resemblance to ear pods…

    • raimsammi

      Oh no, they look like the headphones from the Samsung YP-K5, which was released in 2006.

  • digitaldumdum

    “Samsung’s latest iPhone clone doesn’t stop at hardware”

    But it most certainly •will• stop shy of the iPhone’s lauded features and integrated performance.

    If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Samsung must be among the sincerest companies in the world.

    • Honesty007

      I have an iPhone 6 and I still can’t switch from bluetooth mode to ipod mode in my car with any success. If I try to switch, I get no sound what so ever. With an older iPhone with iOS7, everything works perfectly in my car. None of that stopped Apple from telling me, and a host of others, having this problem to blame our car manufactures. So tell us again about the integrated experience of the iPhone and its lauded features.

      • digitaldumdum

        I believe in patience, my friend. No software update is clean out of the gate. Not •one•. And sometimes it takes several iterations before things are worked out. Yep, iOS 8 has issues with Bluetooth, some with Wi-Fi, and still other people have other issues. I get it, and I know it can be maddening. But really, in the grand scope of things, these are pretty small (if annoying) problems… and they will be solved.

        On the other hand, Apple has done a much better job of sweeping integration between iPads, iPhones, (iPods) and Macs than any other company has with their gizmos. Knowing the incredible complexities of making all these devices work together, and also talk to the sky and back, I guess I’m just more forgiving. Put another way, I don’t think a Bluetooth connectivity issue (in the car, no less), or the occasional dropped Wi-Fi connection impugn Apple’s decades-long reputation one bit, nor do they amount to any real sacrifice on the user’s part. Gotta try to keep these things in perspective.

        Of course, this is just one man’s opinion.

      • Brandon

        Try updating to iOS 8.1.3. It might fix the issue.

  • mmajd

    There’s a difference between copy, and taking something and making it better.

  • Noel Blackman

    This is laughable… by that, I mean Samsung’s pathetic antics.

  • Andrew

    Lol what is the point of buying a Samsung phone now when you can just buy an iPhone.

    • n4

      Well, Android > iOS

  • Tyler Allen

    Sorry Samsung it’s still a Linux based OS (android)! You can theme it all you want. Under the hood it doesn’t compare to BSD! If stability and security are most important, BSD is far superior. It’s for this same reason Sony went with BSD for the PS4.

  • Michel Schauenberg

    Mmm, maybe you should not forget that Apple couldn’t even build a phone without Samsung. Processor, Display, Memory, all comes from Samsung. And when we talk about coping, I think when it comes to Ipad Mini, bigger screens on phones, NFC, watches, it was not Apple leading the way, no?

    • Mad Max

      I love these idiotic statments…you realize Apple designs their own processors and outsources to a part of Samsung that has nothing to do with phones….Samsung is a huge conglomerate that builds everything….it is not Samsung designing the parts, they only build them and Apple smartly uses these outsourced vendors to get their products built at a cheaper price and can leverage other vendors against one another because they are in the business to make money for their shareholders…..

      • Michel Schauenberg

        Idiotic? Mmm,. very grown up. Anyway, as you say Mad Max (cool name btw, guess it goes with your grown up comments lol), they can’t produce their own processors, or displays or memory chips :-) So, they can’t build a phone. So, I’m sure you were one of the people telling everybody bigger screens on phones are useless, and now you buy a iPhone 6 plus :-) And I’m sure you will love the new iPad Pro with a bigger screen, although Samsung is doing that since years already.

        So instead of just making money for their shareholders, they should think about giving something back and produce their products in their own factories, instead of using cheap labor in China. But I guess that would be idiotic too.

      • KyleVPirate

        They design them. Different from manufacturing them which Apple does not do, but if they could they would. So Apple does make their phones in design, someone has to do the dirty work it’s just not them. He comments hold unlike yours.

  • TJ

    Anyone else notice there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop the fingerprint process with the Sammy. iPhone has a back button to fingerprints. Just shows that Samsung just wants it to look like iPhone, but the UX falls flat as usual. So if I want to cancel my fingerprint enrollment, I assume I have to hit the Sammy Home button, then go BACK to Settings, Fingerprints, etc.?? Piss poor execution.

    • Daniyal Ahmed

      Clearly you have no idea how Android works do you? There is a physical touch back button on the Galaxy S6.

    • n4

      There’s a back button on the bottom of the phone smarty pants.

  • RGAX

    It looks like the Apple fanboys like to kneel down in front of their monopolistic master and have only one product to choose from. How about a world ruled by Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix? Throw in the Wall Street masters – Goldman Sach, etc. Make me cringe.

    • Honesty007

      Somethings they make me ashamed to even admit I own anything made by Apple.

  • omaiwabaka

    I hear it even makes phone calls and has a screen you can look at!! Omgwtf!

  • HowmaNoid

    What a bunch of frickin thieves.

    • Wall Breaker

      Samsung Ativ S. Came Out in 2012 has a Frame exactly like the iphone 6. So Who is copying?

      • HowmaNoid

        Did you even look at the photos? They mocked Apple’s “innovation” for moving the headphone jack to the bottom edge. Guess where it is on the G6? They even just xeroxed the TouchID UI. They can’t be bothered to put any effort into developing anything of their own. Hell when they started this blatant stealing they even just copied the iPhone packaging. You honestly want to defend this bunch of crooks?

      • Wall Breaker

        Thats because APPLE wasn’t the 1st ones to move the headphone jack to the bottom The galaxy Nexus and other android devices had them on the bottom years before apple.

        typical isheep response. You obviously didn’t look up the ativ S did you? Apple is just as guilty of borrowing ideas and hardware and software don’t act like they don’t.

        1. ios 7/ios 8 – Old Android features
        2. Apple Pay – Exactly like Google wallet which came out 2012
        3. Apple Health – Samsun’g S Health Came Out 1st
        4. Apple Watch features – most of them already found in wear
        5. Fingerprint Scanner – Motorola Atrix had it 1st

        Apple like every company barrows or takes inspiration from something else. The Only thing Apple Invented was the Magic Mouse, everything else they have done has been nothing but taking existing ideas and adding their own style.

      • arkarian

        apple experimented with the placement of the headphone jack on ipods years before any android devices were even created. the jack being on the bottom is apple returning to something they used to do.

      • araj

        Wow… I certainly ruffled your feathers, didn’t I. I’m wondering if you work for Samsung.
        that might explain why you got so riled up. Sorry to get you so upset. There’s no need to get snippy and call me names, though.
        I did look at the Ativ and don’t see the comparison, other than the rounded edges. You have a good day, though

      • Wall Breaker

        Apple is the Biggest thief of all.

  • Rickey Marek

    Why do iPhone users bash Samsung I know you wish you had a better phone. I get it you brought am iPod with a phone button but because of a beveled edge on a phone or a QWERTY keyboard the limited function iPhone was not copied. I know it hard to believe that apple didn’t design everything cool in the world but it will be OK.. All of this was written on a Samsung note 4.. Oh wait didn’t apple try to copy that..

    • You really think the only similar things between these two phones is their qwerty keyboards and metal edges? You sir are in denial.

      • Rickey Marek

        Not in denial just didn’t want to get into the things that apple copied also I was stating the things in the article. Should we look at the older versions of the iPhone and all the features that have been stolen from other phones not just Samsung.

    • Honesty007

      Without the Apple logo, their self esteem will be shattered. The logo is important for any sense of self worth. I came to that conclusion a long time ago given some of the nonsense you see in these comment sections.

  • Michael Jones

    Samsung = Imitation NOT Innovation

    • expert

      Without Samsung’s innovations Apple can’t exist – 85% of their s*itty products made from Sammy’s parts.

  • helpnxt

    Seriously if this wasn’t on this website I would of thought this was satire!!

    Your saying samsung are copying apple for having a similar instruction screen with a basic design as to not confuse people.

    Also that samsung have copied a qwerty keyboard layout!! Thats like saying samsung has an English option clearly they are copying us as we did English first, btw samsung has an extra row for the numbers (biggest difference in a qwerty layout I have seen in years from any manufacturer)

    Yes it looks like samsung copied the frame a bit if it wasn’t for the fact that all over these comments people are pointing out samsung did the base first on a different phone, the Samsung Ativ S

    btw the entire tech industry is built around people copying each other and apple have in their history been the biggest copiers out there, this argument of ooo they copied there very basic design that a 4 year old could of drawn, needs to stop its just pathetic

  • Joey Smith

    What put Apple back on the map again and also made the name ‘iPhone’ relevant again? I think it has something to do with the term “PHABLET”? For those that’s been living in an Apple cave, that revolutionary term used to be applied solely to a certain SAMSUNG phone and since then, every phone makers and including your beloved conjob has a lot to thank for.

    Sheesh, you iFags are such meanies and ungrateful lots.

  • what a load of shite! seriously

    people believe that one company stole an idea from another about where to place a headphone jack or speaker?

    or that a software keyboard might remotely look like another

    or… a biometric standard that uses thumbprints might actually use a picture of a thumbprint as a prompt to the user COULD ONLY HAVE BEEN INVENTED BY APPLE

    good god people, give your heads a shake.

    • that’s what I call reaching by sour grapes (or shall i say, sour apples)

  • aaloo

    Samsung should call it eye-phone; they obviously want to be as similar to apple as possible.

  • Joey Smith

    Lest we forget….. Apple is the orignal and one and only…… THE PIRATE OF SILICONE VALLEY. Teehee.

  • Joey Smith

    Don’t worry about it iFags. After the massive sales and success of the SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 and SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 EDGE, I’m sure Apple as usual, will do an ‘incremental’ update on your much (neglected) maligned phones. Maybe, if you lots are feeling lucky, you might get a 10 megapixel camera, or at least get a proper front glass to protect your outdated phone from being smashed to smithereens.when dropped to a carpeted floor. Maybe even use an aircraft material for the construction instead of the cheap aluminum cans that bend so easily with the slightest pressure. Oh well, one can only hope I suppose. Teehee….

    • Honesty007

      Calling folks iFags is a bit much, but other than that, I agree with you generally.

  • eph3

    Uh, the keyboards don’t look at all like each other except for the colors. Layout and characters are different.

  • dVdsteve

    Ummm the galaxy looks like the 2012 Samsung ativ s…. You should check facts before crying they stole our design.

  • Vik

    iPhone 6 is a HTC one clone. Look at this! Should call it iPhone M7.

    • KyleVPirate

      OMG look at this. See the similarities.
      The iPhone 6 looks so much similiar to the iPod touch 5 and iPhone 5/5s.
      I can not believe it! Who would’ve thought.

  • alex korbeck

    Poor Samsung getting their butts kicked. wahhh….

  • JohnyMyko

    Samsung’s advertising: We’re better than Apple.
    Samsung’s products: We’re doing it like Apple.

  • Rene

    Can’t wait for Samsung to just cross the line so much that they’ll get sued out of existence… If Samsung can’t come up with an intelligible unique idea on there own they should just call it quits… Yes that’s why they call Korea the land of No original ideas

    • Honesty007

      As usual, if that happens, Apple will win only in America. Talk about home town discount so to speak.

  • better samsung than apple

  • Firenity

    Apple sheep are among the dumbest on this planet. They’ll microwave their iPhones because someone shared a meme on social media saying that it’ll fully charge their phone in 20 seconds if microwaved.

    That being said, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover (nor a phone in this case). Considering the latest and greatest iPhone can’t even compete with 2-year old Android technology in terms of technical specifications, the Galaxy S6 will blow the iPhone out of the water in terms of CPU power, memory, graphics processing, etc. Hell, even the glass screen of a Galaxy far outclasses the universally crackable screens on an iPhone. iPhone screens crack if you sneeze in their direction or have dirty thoughts about Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber.

  • Firenity

    Logitech and Microsoft make keyboards that look alike too. Is that some insane conspiracy too? Last I remember, Americans use QWERTY keyboards. I did notice, however, that the Apple keyboard doesn’t have numbers in the top row. Could you fail any harder?

  • andy

    And apple did copy the larger screen from samsung?

  • foolishfox

    Chill guys, everyone copies everyone, and design trends evolve from people people copying each other. Plenty of houses look the same, building, home decor but smart phone/user interface everyone loses their heads.

  • Josh

    With the logic this article is using, you can say that Apple blatantly copied the pull down notification menu.

  • Anonymous

    This is the stupidest thing I ever heard. Does apple have a patent on curved edges on phones? How unique can you possibly be to show a simple stupid keyboard on a smartphone or a fingerprint verification screen for payment?

    You should rather talk about how Apple has such horrible specs and is made up of Samsung made components

  • steve

    Huh iPhone couldn’t find any more ways to inovate so they followed samsung’s larger screen size… Lets face it… None of these recent tech and designs that they are using actually just popped out of their head without seeing some sort of inspiration like they copied then reinvent a little etc…

  • RyanSpence

    I really hope this is satire…

  • Stephen Quackenbush

    I’d really like to see a skeleton phone with a clear case so you can see everything on the inside from the back possibly even incorporate the new OLEDs , maybe a silver/metallic edge. Call it the samsung crystal… no?

  • raimsammi

    So let me get this straight. When Samsung purchased Swiftkey’s technology, SwiftKey looked a lot like iOS 8’s keyboard does now. In fact, iOS 8’s keyboard suggestions are clearly ripping off the three-column layout of SwiftKey.

    So now, Samsung (continuing to make the same keyboard they’ve been making for years) is “ripping off” the iOS ripoff because, what, the background is slightly lighter than it was on KitKat?

  • Roberto Flores

    “It’s easy to see how Samsung ripped off the iPhone with the Galaxy S6’s hardware. The metallic frame with chamfered edges, antenna bands, and very familiar port positioning is blatantly taken from the iPhone 6.”

    Actually, as far as hardware is concerned, it’s not the same as design.

  • fathi

    yeah impossible !!! they even use the same letters in the keyboard and they both have a space bar wtf

  • Anyway, sales data are rewarding Samsung: -64% isn’t something a company can call SUCCESS…

    It is better if they go back where they are the best: cloning washing machines…

  • kevins_76

    The main problem with iOS is that it’s closed source. You have very little freedom with iOS, compared to an open source platform.

    Folks didn’t learn much from having Microsoft control the desktop for 20 years unfortunately.

    Meet the new boss… same as the old boss.

  • Mark

    Apple is quite the innovator….

  • Gadgetonomy

    I don’t see a curved edge screen on any iphone so how can this be a blatant rip off?

  • Roberto Bobarez

    Looking at it, the keyboard on the edge is more like the keyboard on the Xperia Z3

  • Pete Cornwell

    But if IPhone 5 was a copy of the Samsung Galaxy 5, but with a crappier camera and specs…

  • Guest

    Audi steals Volvo design. I probably could have included an angle where the two cars are even more similar.

  • Audi steels Volvo design. And I probably could have picked an angle where the two cars look even more similar.

  • WoooW Looks like a preorder record! I wish the best to Samsung but it is better if they don’t celebrate until the next quarter results… Sometime it happens that so many preorders remain to rust on the shelves or in the warehouses…

  • Support Small Farms

    Samsung copied Apple, then Apple copied Samsung’s copy of Apple, then Samsung copied Apple’s copy of Samsung copy of Apple, then Apple copied Samsung’s copy of Apple’s copy of Samsung copy of Apple……etc.

  • Bob Bennett

    The keyboard… Seriously Apple ripped that off from Royal. It’s a qwerty keyboard for f*%k sake

  • Ron Mexico

    LOL I smell confirmation bias, cherrypicking, and a lack of objectivity here.

  • James

    Thats the exact same keyboard that Samsung has been using for years.

    Yes they changed the S6 to be more popular to the masses and to be cheaper to manufacture but they are going to keep the Note lineup power user friendly unlike any Iphone or the S6

    But you forget that Apple was the first to start copying designs and Samsung has no reason to steal

    The Iphone was never original I had a pocket PC years before the first Iphone came out and it did more than the first Iphone ever did years before they even started making them pic related its my pocket PC