Read the inspiring note Tim Cook left at a Holocaust museum


Photo: Yad Vashem/
Tim Cook in the Hall of Names at Yad Vashem. Photo: Yad Vashem

As part of his tour of the Middle East that included inaugurating Apple’s new Israeli R&D center, Tim Cook paid a visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum today. Yad Vashem has served as the Jewish people’s living memorial to the Holocaust ever since it was established in 1953, and has seen dozens of prominent leaders grace its halls.

During his visit to the museum, including a walk through the Hall of Names, Cook left behind an inspiring message paying tribute to those who tragically perished for what they believed.

Read Tim’s entire guestbook message below:

“I will remember forever the people who tragically perished because of who they were and what they believed. In their names, I share in the enduring hope that their memory will give light to humanity’s potential to work for a greater good; to be ever watchful for those who would threaten human rights and equality, and to strive for a better future.”

Tim Cook paid a surprise visit to Apple’s facilities in Israel today. The R&D center staffs 800 employees and is rumored to specialize on chip manufacturing. The Apple CEO’s tour has also included stops in Germany where he met Angela Merkel, and Brussels to meet with the European Commission.

The Seele glass manufacturing facility in Augsburg Germany, which is responsible for the production of 2400 giant glass panels for Apple Campus 2, got a visit from Cook too. The final destinations of Cook’s week-long tour are a mystery, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he happened to pop up in some fashionably chic city to do a little Apple Watch promotion now that the event invites are out.