Sexy new renders show the iPad Pro and 12-inch MacBook Air side-by-side


Photo: Martin Hajek
Photo: Martin Hajek

The Apple Watch might be Cupertino’s most hotly anticipated product, but for my money, the two releases I’m most excited about this year are the 12-inch MacBook Air and the 12-inch iPad Pro. Outside of a few leaked images, though, we still have not seen either of these rumored devices in the flash.

Conceptual designer Martin Hajek is no stranger to turning rumors of upcoming Apple products into blisteringly sexy 3-D renders, and now he’s done it again with a series of renders showing the iPad Pro and 12-inch MacBook Air going head to head. Call it the battle of the 12-inchers, if you will!

Photo: Martin Hajek


One the one hand, you have the 12-inch MacBook Air. Rumored to be the first Retina Display MacBook Air, the device is rumored to be even thinner than previous models, largely thanks to Apple ditching every port (USB, Thunderbolt, even power!) except for a single USB-C connector, which will both charge the device and handle peripherals.

Photo: Martin Hajek
Photo: Martin Hajek


Then there’s the 12-inch iPad Pro. Recent leaks have suggested, oddly enough, that the 12-inch iPad Pro will not only come with a stylus, but have nearly full-sized bezels on the side, a la the original four generations of iPad.

Fantastic work, as always, from Martin Hajek. You can see the rest of his stunning renders here.

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  • Sam E

    I still doubt Apple would ditch the standard USB port for USB-C. Aside from making it somewhat thinner, it would for one, require anyone upgrading to have to buy an adapter for their standard USB devices, and adapters aren’t pretty. Not to mention that you wouldn’t be able to use ANY USB device while charging the laptop. It’s a neat idea but I can hardly see it happening.

    • Marcoparko

      Are you kidding me? That sounds EXACTLY like something Apple would do

      • Sam E

        True, let’s not forget about what apple did to optical media drives with the original MBA

      • FootSoldier

        Yeah. If they do it, i’m pretty sure the whole industry will follow sooner or later. And there will be tons of USB-C flash drives coming to market. We sometimes under estimate how much the MacBook Air changed the face of laptop design in the PC’s industry. And I’m pretty sure this new Macbook Air will do the same.

    • Tyler Allen

      I very much hope Apple replaces both usbs & MagSafe with type3s!
      I also hope they ditch Intel for AMD!
      Lastly, the iPad pro can’t run iOS! The idea of a device not having root access and being considered professional is a joke!

      • FootSoldier

        I hope it does run IOS, and gets more power to run even more powerful Apps. I would love it. Times are changing. The world is changing. This is why I fear Microsoft’s latest move with Win10. It may push developers away from developing Metro style apps, because most people may never even interact with that side of the OS. And developers may have no incentive to develop Metro style. I could be wrong, but Mark…My…Words.

      • Tyler Allen

        I really don’t understand your reply? iOS would belong on an iPad”Plus”, but any “Pro” iPad would need to run Apple OS X/11 and on AMD!

        …The good developers never developed for QDOS (Quick & Dirty Operating system) later renamed to Seattle DOS (Disk Operating System) to be sold to Bill Gates who renamed it to MicrosoftDOS to sell to IBM! All to compete with the Apple II!
        DOS is and always will be a Shoddy Unix knock off!

        “Times are changing. The world is changing”…
        … Yea its catching up to what real geeks knew all along…
        It is and always has been about about BSD & Gnu/Linux!

      • Gdelta

        AMD is generations behind Intel at this time…hell they’re still manufacturing on 28nm! In terms of performance per watt and power consumption, Intel is still way ahead of AMD. In higher TDP envelopes, the AMD integrated graphics pull ahead, but in the ultrabook category/ ultra-low power systems, Intel is still the clear leader.

        Also, with Skylake on the horizon and a more mature 14nm process, Intel will continue to pull ahead

    • Roxy Balboa

      Who cares about existing worthless usb devices

  • Marcoparko

    Hypothetically if this is true, I don’t see why Apple would be releasing two devices of the same size designed for roughly the same audience. To be honest I think these will be one device and Apple is going to try its hand at a convertible running iOS. I use my iPad with a clamshell keyboard case and it’s quite easy to use

    • Tyler Allen

      Worst idea ever! Tablets with keyboards are a joke! The iPad pro running iOS is a joke.

  • AppleLostItsMojo

    At last! 2 great devices to do what one Surface can do!

    • Roxy Balboa

      Yes if you want to look dumb like surface users

      • StopDrinkingTheKoolaid

        That’s deep. How insightful.

    • FootSoldier

      The Surface only does one thing. Try to be a laptop! Because using the Surface Pro 3 taught me that using this thing as a tablet running apps is basically non existent. Metro Style Apps just don’t really exist on this thing. Until Microsoft does something with that app store, using the Surface just feels like an awkward laptop.

  • AppleLostItsMojo

    DOA. The category killing product would have a convertible form like the Dell XPS. When the display covers the keyboard it operates as an IPad. When opened as a laptop it operates as an OS X.

    • Roxy Balboa


    • Tallest Skil

      No, a froaster will never kill anything.

  • Roxy Balboa

    12in iPad pro will look just as stupid as the iPhone 6 & 6 plus

    • Taylor

      I love my iPhone 6 Plus; I wear tight fitting clothing and I am a rather small person (5 7″) and I have no problem carrying my iPhone. The best part, and the reason I bought it isn’t the screen resolution (which is better), the optical image stabilization or even the screen space. I bought it for the bigger battery. My phone never dies. I FORGET to charge it some days.

      Anything my iPhone can’t do, my MacBook Pro 15″ can. And yeah, I don’t know about an iPad Pro, either..

      • bongsuu

        The 6 maybe a little sexy but the 6 plus looks ridiculously large especially considering the wasted bezels which are so 2012.

  • James Logan

    Unless they start to merge the OS similar to Windows I could careless about an iPad Pro. What makes it a Pro, an extra couple inches??? I am a huge Apple advocate but the Surface Pro and now seeing how Windows 10 spreads to all devices is huge in my eyes. I am a gamer on the XB1 as well so that is even more of a benefit. Do I want to make the huge jump? No, but Apple needs to do something more interesting other than releasing the same thing over and over, add an inch here or there, to keep me interested in spending $ on their products.

    • FootSoldier

      I got a feeling that Win 10 will be a nightmare. It looks way to confusing, and busy(look it the start screen with tiles, but also small icons to the left. Its to much going on). Many users may never use the Metro side, which may give developers no incentive to develop Metro Style apps. With out developers supporting Win10, there will be no Windows 10 spreading to any devices.

  • Taylor

    These are wild Apple rumors with little to back them up, although the reason we are on this site is to imagine, so let’s do that.

    These are two different audiences altogether. One audience wants an excellent entry level computer, the other wants a power-horse tablet. The iPad Pro would make sense to be for professionals, much like the MacBook Pro or Mac Pro, versus the MacBook Air, and iMac are for consumers.

    Either way, the idea of releasing an updated MacBook Air line with a single screen size and redesign sounds good, and Apple is known for setting the standard (like with optical drives). I would bet on this rumor, although Apple is very, very unlikely to ditch Intel (why write an ENTIRE operating system for one computer on their lineup?!!) although they aren’t afraid to do anything, they have no reason to do that– battery life is already insane with Intel’s technology. Not going to happen in five years.

    I’m not a fan of the iPad Pro rumors, although Apple is already supporting an extremely high resolution on their tablets, so this must be far down the line, because they wouldn’t release it with the same resolution as it would look more poor than it’s iPad Air equivalent. Not a big likely for Apple.. Not this year at least.

    • WhatHappenedToApple

      I want both

  • crabih

    A 13 inch and 11 inch macbook air with retina display would be better in my opinion. The 13 inch macbook air display can double (2880 by 1800). It will have more pixels than and more room display than macbook pro 13inch (2560 by 1600).

  • Bob Level

    So, Apple is going to make a huge iPad with giant bezels, thus making it even bigger? Doubt it.

  • iMac Lovin

    I doubt there will be such a huge bezel on the ipad pro. It wont just be a scaled up ipad air.