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Beijing police arrest thieves who dug tunnel into iPhone warehouse


The iPhone 6s is selling like hotcakes.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Getting your hands on an iPhone 6 in China isn’t always easy. Finding a nearby Apple Store can be tough, and once you get there you must deal with the long lines and the hassle of shelling out cash to Apple. So a group of Chinese men came up with a different solution: They dug their way to the iPhone 6.

Beijing police said Wednesday that they’ve detained three men suspected of tunneling into a warehouse to steal 240 iPhone 6 handsets. The heist netted the thieves about $228,496 worth of devices but authorities still haven’t found a single stolen iPhone 6 unit, after the crew blew all their money on cars, gold and gambling.

Police say the three-man team broke into the facility between December 12 and 13 by digging a 50-cm-wide hole into the wall. To locate the suspects, the police tracked down the phones’ serial numbers, which led to their arrests in late December.

State-run media outlet Xinhua reports one of the suspects involved was familiar with the facilities because he was a former driver for the logistics company that owns the warehouse storing the iPhones.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Apple fans in China go to extreme lengths to get an iPhone. In 2012, a student sold one of his kidneys to an organ-trafficking group and spent the money on an iPhone and iPad. Chinese internet users have started calling the iPhone 6 the “Kidney 6” on account of its bigger-than- big price tag, and with iPhone sales expected to hit new heights in 2015, I doubt this is the last bizarre method used to obtain an iPhone we’ll hear about.

Source: XinhuaNet