Rewind: Best viral videos of 2014


Apple's new aluminum will kill Bendgate.
A shot from the video that started #bendgate. GIF: Buster Hein
Photo: Unbox Therapy

There were more viral videos in 2014 than you can shake a stick at, and you could spend weeks watching them all. From John Oliver to the Ice Bucket Challenge, we were absolutely inundated with stuff to watch throughout the year, and that’s a great thing.

Wishing you could relive some of the best viral video moments of 2014? We’ve collected some of the best for your enjoyment:

Apparently kid

It’s clear that the young Noah Ritter was destined from birth to be an entertainer. A video of him being interviewed by a local news station went so viral that he ended up going on The Ellen Show. What a guy.

Russian road rage

What happens when Spongebob, Mickey Mouse and Scrat from Ice Age throw down in a street fight? Thanks to a Russian dashcam, now we know.

First iPhone 6 owner drops it

The kid who bought the first iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia, dropped and cracked the smartphone on live television.

John Oliver on net neutrality

If you have questions about net neutrality and its potential implications, Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver has an amazing rundown. Sit back for 13 minutes and soak in the knowledge.

Louis C.K. forgets about Bradley Cooper

This is seriously one of the best supercuts of footage from the year. It starts with a Louis C.K. diss and ends with glorious gloating from Bradley Cooper. Just watch.

Conan and Dave Franco try Tinder

One of the best segments from Conan’s late-night show this year features James Franco’s younger brother. The two men go on a wild adventure using Tinder, the hot dating app. Very enjoyable and funny from start to finish.

11-year-old dancer kills it

No matter how you feel about Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda,” there’s no denying that this 11-year-old dancer absolutely kills it with her choreographed routine to the song.

Obama on Between Two Ferns

President Barack Obama was interviewed by Zach Galifianakis on his Funny or Die show Between Two Ferns, and it’s absolutely hilarious. The best part is that it feels unscripted: When Obama takes a few jabs at Galifianakis, it’s hard to not crack a smile.

Street harassment

This woman walked through New York City and recorded men catcalling and verbally abusing her for 10 hours. The result is pretty eye-opening.

First kiss

Probably not something you want to watch at work, or anywhere else you would feel awkward watching three minutes of making out. This viral video of strangers kissing exploded when it hit the Internet earlier this year. It turned out to be an ad for a new clothing line, but it’s still a pretty cool idea.

Ice Bucket Challenge

The most viral video campaign of the year was by far the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money and awareness for ALS research. For several weeks, our social media feeds were completely swamped with our friends and favorite celebrities dumping ice-cold water on their heads. All for a good cause.

Reporter quits on-air

KTVA’s Charlo Greene quit her job as a reporter while on-air, saying “Fuck it” and walking out of the shot. She turned out to be the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, and the dramatic outburst was meant to encourage legalization of marijuana in her state.


What viral video list would be complete without Unbox Therapy’s iPhone 6 Plus bend test? This video caught on like wildfire, with every tech site and news outlet covering it. #Bendgate started trending on Twitter. The controversy eventually led to Apple allowing journalists into its testing facilities to show how it tests new phones for bendiness.

233 most viral videos compilation

Since there are definitely videos we missed, here’s a roundup of the best of the rest.


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