Disney World, Apple Pay

Disney World will accept Apple Pay starting December 24


Photo: Tom Bricker
The most magical place on Earth now accepts the most magical payment method. Photo: Tom Bricker

We know that Eddy Cue has used Apple Pay to buy Frozen toys before, and from December 24 he can take his Disney love to the next level, thanks to the news that the Walt Disney World Resort is set to begin accepting Apple Pay on Christmas Eve.

Initially, payments using the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will work in the majority of stores, quick service restaurants, bars and ticket sales booths. Locations which use portable payment terminals (such as table service restaurants) will be added later.

Apple Pay-usable payment locations can be found by looking for the appropriate EMVCo symbol.

Disney has also announced that the Disneyland Resort is expected to start using contactless payments in 2015.

2014 has certainly been a big year for Apple Pay, despite the service only having been around since October 20. Locations such as Whole Food already report that Apple Pay accounts for 1 percent of all transactions, while McDonalds says 50% of all its mobile transactions are now made using Apple’s technology.

With Disney World receiving roughly 17 million visitors each year, this is a great opportunity for Apple to pick up even more users.

Source: WDWMagic

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