Use your Apple TV as a full-fledged desktop browser with AirBrowser app


AirBrowser lets you use your TV as a web browser, without all the usual hassle. Photo:
The AirBrowser app lets you use your TV as a web browser, without all the usual hassles. Photo: IdeaSolutions
  • Big Dan

    why not just airplay your ios browser?

    • Guest

      did you look at the video?

    • GringoireDM

      Because it is not the same thing. :)

  • Jan Henrik Berge


  • Potzie2

    What’s the difference between this app and the AirWeb app you showcased a year ago and costs just $1.99?

    • Giuseppe Lanza

      Hello, AirWeb provides you a mobile version of each website. Airbrowser gives you a complete desktop version of the website. This is the main difference. there are a lot of other things that makes our product better, and the best one of its kind. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Glenn Gore

    Wow, this app works perfectly, just as advertised, excellent! Use your iPhone’s screen as a touchpad for the cursor and clicking links, keyboard available for entering URL’s, and the full version of websites, this is cool. The one improvement I would make is for it to have access to your Safari bookmarks.