This bacon looks so delicious you won’t believe it’s not real


Bacon is delicious, even if it's fake. Photo: Side Effects Software
Bacon is delicious, even if it's fake. Photo: Side Effects Software

What does the bacon above have in common with The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Both were created with 3D animation software called Houdini by Toronto-based Side Effects Software.

The newest release is coming next month, and, as you can see in the stunning video below, it’s going to further revolutionize the world of 3D animation in movies, TV and video games.

Check the video out below, and try not to lick your screen when the bacon shows up.

Houdini is a fancy bit of 3D animation software that uses procedural generation to create its images, rather than manual animation of 3D models. It’s been used in tons of popular movies, including How to Train Your Dragon 2, Frozen, and Transformers. The developers of Killzone: Shadow Fall used the technology as well to make some amazingly realistic characters in the first person shooter video game.

Bacon lust aside, the brilliance of this tech can be seen in how the software can simulate cloth and hair, two of the hardest things to look just right when created in a computer. Note the grooming tools in the above video, and the way that cloth just slides and wrinkles just like the real thing.

Bottom line, this is the software that’s gonna make everything look even better in the next few years; now if only they could 3D print that bacon for my house.

Source: Side FX Software