Destroy your foes in Vainglory, the epic game Apple used to showcase iPhone 6


Vainglory take
Vainglory takes iPhone 6 graphics to a new level. Photo: Super Evil Megacorp

Super Evil Megacorp stole the show during Apple’s iPhone 6 keynote in September thanks to ‘Scarf Guy’ and the kick-ass MOBA he was demoing called Vainglory. Now they’re ready to steal your afternoon by making their highly anticipated game available in the U.S.

We’ve been dying to enter the battle of Vainglory ever since we got our first look behind the scenes of the game, and now after months of waiting, the online battle that’s designed to push your iPhone 6 to its graphical limit is finally ready for all the destruction you and your foes can handle.

Prepare for battle. Vainglory is here. Photo: SuperEvilMega Corp.

Vainglory is launching today as a free-to-play app in the U.S. that’s designed to bring the party back to arena. It’s built on Super Evil’s E.V.I.L. engine and boasts full Metal support, allowing it to pump out the highest quality graphics you’ve seen on an iPhone.

The team behind it consists of veterans from Riot Games, Blizzard, Rockstar, and more, and they’ve told us their aim is to make a game that’s “unapologetically core MOBA” (or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, for the noobs in the house). Players fight against each other in teams of three, with the main objective being to destroy the enemies’ crystal at their base. You link up to matches online, or you can create a local game.

The game comes with six heroes that are free to play. Four other heroes can be unlocked with ICE (Incredibly Concentrated Evil), which can be purchased in the store. You can also unlock the heroes with the glory points you earn, but that’ll take you longer. We’ve been playing here at Cult of Mac for the past few weeks and the gameplay is absolutely addictive, bringing classic PvP battles to the touchscreen like never before.

Super Evil Megacorp said Vainglory would be officially available on November 18th, but it looks like it’s here early. The game is available on the iPhone 5s and newer, as well as the iPad. Grab it now and strap in for battle.