This beautiful animated logo would look great on the Apple Watch


Photo: Gifyoda
Wouldn't this look great as the Apple Watch's bootup animation? Photo: Gifyoda

When the Apple Watch is released next year, it’s going to represent a major paradigm shift for iOS: it’ll be an interface made up of fingertip-sized bubbles, not rounded square icons.

Don’t you think that calls for a new logo to mark the occasion?

Redditor Gifyoda posted this beautiful, champagne bubble Apple logo as an experiment on Looks great, doesn’t it?

While this logo won’t be gracing the backs of any iPhones, Gifyoda’s work would look fantastic as the Apple Watch’s bootup animation, the invitation for the Apple Watch launch event, or even an ad.

We love it. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Via: Reddit