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South Koreans using sausages as iPhone styluses


A sausage makes a good iPhone stylus when it's too cold to use your fingers. Image from BikeHugger:

Our own lovely modern-day Beatrice, Miss Nicole Martinelli, made passing reference to the latest fad to grip South Korean iPhone owners earlier today, but just in case you missed it: they’re using a particular brand of snack sausage as iPhone styluses so they don’t need to remove their gloves in the winter.

The snack sausages, made by South Korea’s own CJ Corportation, are electrostatically compatible with the iPhone’s touchscreen…. and it’s apparently a useful enough solution to cause sausage sales to surge.

True, some might get squeamish at the thought of carrying around a cigarillo of unwrapped meat in their pockets at all times… but I think this is brilliant. On the other hand, this is perhaps the first practical way to merge both my Slim Jim and Apple hardware fetishes. Kudos, Korea!