This store will enlarge your pants pockets to fit the iPhone 6

This store will enlarge your pockets to fit your new iPhone 6



Is your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus just too big for your skinny jeans? You’re not alone: a store in China is actually keeping a tailor on hand to enlarge pants for customers who can’t fit their new smartphones in their pockets.

Although it’s obviously just a publicity stunt, Shanghai’s Unicom store has employed a tailor who works at the front of the store, modifying the pants of customers who need a little more room to stash their new iPhone 6’s.

It’s not entirely clear if customers are expected to just stand around without their pants as they wait for the tailor to finish his work.

Whether or not the iPhone 6 Plus can fit in pants pockets has been something of a story in its own right since the device was released last month, with multiple jeans manufacturers saying they were planning on redesigning their pants to help fit the iPhone 6 Plus.

Via: iPhone In Canada