It’s been way too long: Apple sends invites to October 16th event


Apple has sent the press invites to an October 16th event. Photo:
Apple has sent the press invites to an October 16th event. Photo: Christina Warren


Apple isn’t quite done rolling out its new products for 2014, as the company just sent out invites to a special Town Hall event being held on its Cupertino campus on October 16th at 10AM PT.

The event comes just weeks after the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch were revealed, but the invites provide few clues about what they’re going to announce yet. The iPad Air is expected to get an update, and the rumor mill has spit out claims of a Retina iMac making an appearance too.

OS X Yosemite will also be introduced publicly at the event, and we could even see a new Mac Mini or some other goodies. All will be revealed soon when Tim Cook and the gang take the stage next Thursday. Cult of Mac will be liveblogging the event so stay tuned.

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23 responses to “It’s been way too long: Apple sends invites to October 16th event”

  1. R. Shutts says:

    I’m hoping the “way too long” refers to the Mac Mini line. I’ve been waiting. Credit card in hand!

  2. josephz2va says:

    Surprised no pics yet on the rumor mills. I’d have expected an iPad Air 2 with an S-Pen copy.

  3. Matthew Arnold Stern says:

    I’m guessing Mac Mini too, especially since the Apple logo looks like the one they did for the 30th anniversary of the Mac. I’m also guessing Retina iMacs and new 12-inch MacBook/MacBook Air. iPads too, of course. I don’t expect anything earth-shattering for Apple TV, but they keep making small, but significant changes to it.

  4. Duncan Hill says:

    I’m guessing it’s an upgraded Newton.

  5. Ben Dover says:

    With no shadow of a doubt – new Apple TV. It´s been way too long.

  6. Kubmeister says:

    That cropped apple logo sure looks like a pen and pressure sensitive screen. Just saying :)

  7. Alex Oh says:

    Why 12 inch? 11 is too small, 13 is still too small.

    • GadgetCanada1 says:

      The air is about portability. If you want a bigger screen, the 15″ rmbp like the one I’m typing on now :D is still very portable.

    • Eko Suprapto Wibowo says:

      They said it’ll help users differentiate between new iPad 11′ and MBA

  8. Dan Miller says:

    It’s been way too long? Too long for what? Apple TV and Mac mini updates? Going by the colours I’ll say it’s the iPod touch with a 4.7″ screen. Doubt they will bring out a 5.5″ iPod touch. Bigger iPads maybe? I just don’t know what they mean by it’s been way too long.

  9. GadgetCanada1 says:

    I vote AppleTV update as well. It would be nice to have a larger buffer size for photos in the screen saver instead of just downloading only 100 photos and replaying them. Why it can’t stream an entire photo library to the screen saver with a 3 second delay between photos is beyond reason.

  10. Guest says:

    That’s what she said.

  11. Jorge Dávila says:

    The colors say TV and at the same time the Mac, since it’s the classic Apple “rainbow” pattern. Retina would also be a good guess, so retina iMacs I’d say. Also, maybe iPods? Who knows what they might do with that. It really has been way too long since something big happened with iPod, but that’s no surprise.

  12. ekiwi says:

    It’s another way of saying ‘Long time no see’. Sounds like an Apple TV related announcement. Also poking fun at the fact it’s been rumored for so long.

  13. Ian Moffatt says:

    It’s a stylus on a flexible tablet ;-)

  14. Guest says:

    I think they are referring to TV with “It’s been way too long”. They’re probably going to announce something related to Apple TV and not necessarily about the hardware but the service.

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