Apple may use A8X processor in 12.9-inch iPad

Special A8X processor could power Apple’s jumbo iPad



Apple’s new A8 processor in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is the fastest, most powerful processor born from the Mothership, but when it comes time to power Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad early next year, Apple reportedly plans to give it a power boost in the form of a modified A8X processor reports TechNewsTW.

Apple created “X” variants of its A5 and A6 processors in the past to power the iPad, but an A7X processor was never launched for the iPad Air when it was released last year, as Apple chose to just use the same A7 chip in the iPhone 5s and iPad Mini.

The new A8X processor will supposedly be manufactured with the help of TSMC and will make it’s debut in the long-rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro that is expected to compete with large enterprise-focused tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

The report also suggests that the iPad Air 2 will sport 2GB of RAM, larger speaker grills and a smaller camera lens that will be moved to a slightly different location. The device will also be slightly thinner and borrow from the iPhone 6 design. Apple is rumored to announce the big ass iPad next year, but with an other Apple event rumored to be coming next month, we might see it a little bit earlier than expected.

Via: GforGames