CarPlay is still on track to arrive in 2014



Apple consolidated the lineup of CarPlay partners on its website Tuesday morning and left off mention of 2014 availability, leading some Apple fans to conclude that launch of the iOS-in-your-car functionality would be delayed. However, Cult of Mac has learned that there was no hidden reason behind the site change this morning, and that CarPlay is still on track.

Sources at Apple told us speculation that “Apple is no longer promising CarPlay support from any auto manufacturer this year as it has done since its debut in March” is far off and inaccurate. CarPlay has been supported since iOS 7.1 and many manufacturers are still on track to roll out CarPlay integration this year.

In fact, you can already spot CarPlay in the wild.

Ferrari has added CarPlay to many of its vehicles on the road. Not everyone can afford a Ferrari, of course, but Hyundai says it’s still on track for a 2014 release.

Volvo is also taking orders on its CarPlay-supported autos like the XC90, but we already knew those wouldn’t ship until 2015. Mercedes said publicly that CarPlay is delayed for its models, but Pioneer is still slated to release its CarPlay dash-kits by the end of 2014.

Basically, Apple has been CarPlay-ready since March 2014 with the release of iOS 7.1, but it’s been up to each auto manufacturer to set their own schedule for integration.