What’s tougher, Gorilla Glass or Sapphire? The answer might surprise you



Depending on who and when you ask, the iPhone 6 may or may not ship with a futuristic new Sapphire Glass display. Widely rumored to be nigh-invulnerable, Sapphire Glass is widely believed to be the technology that will make shattered iPhones a thing of the past. But will it really?

Seeking answers, the repair experts over at uBreakiFix have taken a piece of Gorilla Glass and a piece of Sapphire Glass through a series of torture tests to see which resists damage better. And the truth is that Sapphire isn’t actually as good as Gorilla Glass in one key scenario.

For their tests, uBreakiFix put Gorilla Glass and Sapphire Glass through three showdowns: a scratch resistance test using a tungsten drill bit, an impact test, and a four-point bend stress test.

The good news is that when it comes to being anti-scratch, nothing’s better than Sapphire. That’s why Apple uses it for the iPhone 5s TouchID system, after all. They don’t want scratches obscuring your fingerprint. Unfortunately, though, when it comes to bending and impact, Sapphire just doesn’t handle stress as well as Gorilla Glass.

Whatever Apple plans on using it’s new sapphire production plant in Arizona for, it doesn’t seem like iPhone 6 displays are necessarily in the cards, at least not now. But the iWatch could use a sapphire glass display, and because sapphire glass is better for curved displays, that could make it a shoe-in for the iWatch’s crystal.

Via: iDownloadBlog

  • Adrayven

    and if you paid attention, they used raw, unreinforced, unlamented, un treated sapphire vs GG’s laminated, reinforced, treated glass. duh..

    Apple has a large number of patents, as well as GT, that create much better, crack and drop resistant Sapphire wafers used to layer with other materials.

    Of course.. we’re not here for real facts.. just sensational blogging that regurgitates a pro GG ad. It’s not isheep we need to worry about.. it’s blogger sheep (bsheep)that don’t bother questioning what they’re told.

    • Kharn Kaluza

      I agree

  • William Donelson

    Wrong. What matters is the expected deformation of the iPhone FRAME during dropping. If this deformation is within the tolerance of the screen, it won’t shatter.

    You must also consider edge compression, when the edge of the iPhone hits the ground.

    To test these screens, you must test them IN frames, at least.

  • So we’re just ignoring that the rumored sapphire glass screen is supposed to be some sort of laminate over glass, to get the best of both materials?

  • le [s4s] army :^)

    guise u can trust me wit my fraudulent tests!!! i used le ebin maymays from le 2010, that make me cool, rite guise???