Rime’s emotional new trailer will cure your wanderlust



Beautiful piano music, a young protagonist, gorgeous visuals and landscapes fill the new trailer for upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Rime, from TequilaWorks and Sony Computer Entertainment.

The young boy, reminiscent of other young wandering protagonists like Link (Legend of Zelda), Wander (Shadow of the Colossus), and Oliver (Ni No Kuni), finds a keyhole in a distant tower, and races across the landscape to get there.

Why is he running? What will he find when he finally attains the tower? Is this even the right tower? The just-posted trailer (linked below) has no answers, but makes us want to find out.

Rime is an upcoming open-world, third-person adventure puzzle game that’s currently in development to become a PlayStation 4 exclusive title. It’s being developed by Spanish developer Tequila Works (Deadlight) for Sony’s latest generation console. The first trailer was shown at last year’s Gamescom — an annual trade fair for video games held in Germany — and the new one was unveiled there today. There’s obviously been a ton of work done on the visuals as well as the gameplay on display.

There’s definitely some Wind Waker influence here, as well as some similarity to recent indie hit, Journey. Raúl Rubio, creative director of Tequila Works, says that the works of Joaquin Sorolla, Salvador Dalí and Giorgio de Chirico have influenced the look and feel as well.

Ultimately, Rime will tell the story of a boy who wakes up on a mysterious island with a terrible curse who must then use his wits and ability to run very fast to survive and escape the island. You’ll get to explore the surrounding areas while you solve puzzles to ultimately uncover the secrets kept there, manipulating the environment and time itself. The developer also promises a unique, dynamic control system in which “sound, light and touch are all key” to the gaming experience.

Whatever the control system, the cel-shaded visuals and adventurous music in the trailer above are enough to tempt us to purchase the game when it comes out, which is yet to be determined.

Enjoy the video; this trailer certainly will satisfy your need for video game adventure. Let’s hope the eventual game will also.

Via: Eurogamer