Ending soon: Better hurry to get 95% off the award-winning MacLovin’ Bundle [Deals]



Your Mac computer is a powerful machine. It can run software that makes people more productive and increases their working efficiency. The only problem is that software can be prohibitively expensive, so many tend to put off buying the very thing that can help them be better.

That’s why those people need to take a serious look at The Award-Winning MacLovin Bundle available for a limited time at Cult of Mac Deals. The MacLovin Bundle, available for only a little while longer, gives you 8 awesome Mac apps which would normally cost hundreds of dollars for just $39.99!

Yeah, you read that correctly. Less than $40 for 8 Mac apps. Plus, as a bonus, you get The OS X Masterclass, valued at $499, for nothing! For those not in the know, The OS X Masterclass will teach you how to make Mac apps of your very own. How’s that for a free bonus?

With The Award-Winning MacLovin Bundle, you’ll get these useful Mac apps:

  • Cinemagraph Pro: The professional photography & cinematography tool for mac
  • djay: The #1 DJ software for your mac
  • NetSpot Pro: The only app for wireless site survey, wi-fi analysis, & troubleshooting on Mac OS X
  • Keyboard Maestro: Set your productivity on fire
  • Hype 2: Create beautiful HTML5 web content with no coding experience required
  • Dropzone 3: The Swiss Army knife of productivity
  • Moom: Move and zoom like never before – an essential Mac tool
  • Boom: System-wide volume booster & equalizer that makes your Mac louder, clearer, & better

And, as we noted earlier, you get the free bonus:

  • The OS X App Masterclass: Learn to make fantastic Mac apps with 22 hours of awesome instruction

With these useful Mac apps and the training you’ll receive in The OS X App Masterclass, there really isn’t anything you can’t accomplish.

Check out the full details of this deal including its terms and conditions here.

The Award-Winning MacLovin Bundle is only $39.99, that’s 95% off, for a very limited time at Cult of Mac Deals. So limited, in fact, that you better jump on this now or else you could miss out.

  • lowtolerance

    Wow, this is actually a pretty nice bundle for once. Too bad I already own everything I’d want! Keyboard Maestro, Moom and Dropzone are indispensable for me. Definitely worth $40.