Want to learn a new language? Save big with Rosetta Stone coupon [Deals]


CoM_Rosetta Stone

We’ve all been there: Losing an opportunity to meet someone new socially or in business because we don’t speak the same language as that person. These days it happens more and more often and, as we become more multi-national, the frequency will only increase. Just think how many opportunities for social and business success are squandered because we don’t know someone else’s language.

Now you can stop missing those opportunities and start learning a new language today. Get up to $270 off, with a coupon, on select Rosetta Stone language sets at Cult of Mac Deals now.

Rosetta Stone is the premier software for language learning. In fact, millions of customers including corporations, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions use the exact same software when they need to learn a new language.

Rosetta Stone software was founded on two concepts: That learning a language should be a natural, intuitive process, and that interactive technology has the power to accelerate, personalize and simplify language learning for anyone, at any age.

With this coupon you get up to $270 off on levels 1-5 of select languages such as Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, French, and many more. In fact, there are 24 different languages you can choose from.

Click here to read all the details, including the terms and conditions.  Please note that this deal is available to Continental US customers only.

Stop being the person who misses out on opportunities in a multi-lingual environment and start learning a new language today. Get the coupon for up to $270 off select Rosetta Stone language sets today at Cult of Mac Deals.