What it’s like to unbox an iPhone 6… knock-off




We all know that in China, clones of the latest iPhone go on sale long before Apple actually starts selling them. But what’s it actually like to own an iPhone 6 knockoff before the iPhone 6 is even available?


On Reddit, user Lawrence_uber_alles posted pictures of his new iPhone 6 knock-off. And although it runs Android, it looks nearly identical to everything we know so far about the look of the iPhone 6. And as it turns out, it actually was worth the money, if only to prove to a die-hard Apple fan that a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is still, indeed, an iPhone.


Lawrence says:

It really is a pretty impressive feat they managed in making this look very Apple like, from the box, lightning cable, to the phone. It’s running Android 4.4.2 though it is heavily skinned to look nearly identical to iOS(obviously). I bet the average person wouldn’t be able to tell it isn’t an actual iPhone.

The home button is a little wonky and makes a pretty audible click, but other than that the build quality is pretty nice, though obviously not Apple quality. You can see in the pictures when you click on the App Store it takes you to the Play Store, and most of the stock apps take you to a similar Android App. Everything seemingly works on it and I think I might switch to it for awhile to impress people at the bar and convince them I got an early iPhone 6. :)

If you want to ask any questions I’m all ears. The 4.7″ size seems perfect to me and it really does feel good in the hand if Apple really does have a similar size in mind. He haggled the vendor down to $145 in case you are interested. Well worth it for the novelty and to see how close the real one comes to it!

Here are some pictures of the knock-off iPhone 6 in action. Pretty incredible what these pirates can do, isn’t it?


  • digitaldumdum

    “What it’s like to unbox an iPhone 6… knock-off”

    Hmmmm. Wonder what it would be like to pretend to drive a life-size mockup of a Ford GT40 made of paper mache.

  • Grunt_at_the_Point

    No wonder Apple is so secretive about its new products.

  • Rafterman00

    I thought China was Apple’s good buddy now. Can”t the gub’mint do something about this?

  • I dont understand the big deal with packaging, as long as it’s all safe inside and protected I’d rather save a few dollars and get it in a cheap-ass box.

  • Lol it runs Android and is better than iPhone 5s. Let the hate begin.

  • TechBell

    I assure you, the genuine experience is so much more fulfilling. So much more.